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Men’s Health Magazine Pushes Deep State Agenda…Permanent Masks!


You literally can't go anywhere and not be bombarded by far-left Deep State propoganda.  

They ruined sports several years ago (Kaepernick et al).

They ruined Hollywood. 

They ruined TV.  

They've infiltrated churches.  

And now I can't even flip open a Men's Health magazine without having far-left propoganda shoved in my face?

How sad.

In the same November 2020 edition of the magazine, on almost back-to-back pages come two really scary ideologies.

First up, you heard it here first.  You're going to start hearing this a lot in the future.  It will be the next big push:

Masks are good for your health all the time, not just for avoiding COVID. 

That will be the new push. 

The reason they never talk about an end-date for masks is because they don't have one….

They don't WANT one.

They want you permanently masked up.

And in case you think I'm "far out there" here was the first test buouy in mainstream Men's Health Magazine:

I've got a zoom in for you on that image:

And even closer:

It's right there, right in the first line....

"...after the pandemic...I'll plan to pack a mask."

That will be the new big push. 

That we need masks to fight pollution, or dust, or allergies, or toxic traffic fumes!

Take a look, they've got it all in there!

You'll soon start hearing this A LOT in "mainstream media" sources. 

Get ready.

And remember you heard it here first.

By the way, when you can predict something like this and then see it start to happen, you know it's a PLAN.

You know you're being played.  

It's all a scam folks.  

Masks are bad for your health.

They're bad for your mental health.

They're bad for our interaction as a society.

And that's why they want us in them all the time.  

And real quick before I wrap up, what do I find just two pages later in the same Magazine?


And here's your zoom in:

Yup, that's their "holiday guide" of what's "not safe" this holiday season.

Small businesses huh?

Walmart is fine.

Target is fine.

Home Depot is fine.

Just not the small businesses that make up the lifeblood of America.

Do you see the plan folks?

Is it becoming clear yet?

What more do you need to see?

And what more do I need to see before cancelling my Subscription to this liberal trash propoganda magazine?



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