Dana Coverstone’s Newest Dream (October 26-27): “Hold Your Breath”


Ok folks, I'm really interested to know what you think of this one.

Dana Coverstone is the pastor of a small church in Kentucky I believe, and he suddenly started having vivid, terrifying dreams a few months ago.

He says the dreams are from God and are a warning of what is to come.

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If you haven't heard about Dana before or seen his first dream that went viral (being viewed I think about 4 million times now), here it is:

He just released a new one, that he says he had on both October 26 and 27. 

That's the other thing with Dana, he says he'll have the exact same dream multiple nights in a row.

Then if he feels God is leading him, he releases the dream to the world.

He usually doesn't try to interpret them, he just releases them and let's people decide what to think.

Well, here's the newest one:

I'm really interested to know what you all think.

Since much of what he originally expected for September and October has seemingly not come to pass, many are becoming skeptical.

Others still hang on every word.

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What do YOU think?

Here are the top comments on YouTube:

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