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Black Support Skyrockets to 31% for President Trump Just Days Before Election


Ice Cube.

50 Cent.

Lil Wayne.

These are just some of the prominent Black men who have endorsed President Trump's reelection campaign. 

Such high profile endorsements should really worry Joe Biden and Democrats.


Because new polls suggest that President Trump is reaching record high approval ratings among Black voters.

Not only is President Trump hitting personal highs…

He is also at the highest approval for a Republican president among black voters.

All of this is according to the latest poll conducted by Rasmussen, which is widely considered to be one of the most accurate pollsters of 2016.

More details on this development below:

31% support among Black voters is a historic high for President Trump.

It's a new benchmark for any Republican president.

The Washington Times confirms the findings of the latest poll:

President Trump has sought to win over Black voters during the 2020 campaign, and a Rasmussen Reports survey released Thursday shows that his strategy may be working.

The daily tracking poll found 31% of likely Black voters would vote for Mr. Trump if the election were held today, ticking up steadily from 27% on Monday and 30% on Tuesday and Wednesday.

If that support pans out on Election Day, it would represent a huge improvement for Mr. Trump, who won just 8% of the Black vote in 2016, while Democrat Hillary Clinton took 88%.

The 31% figure drew plenty of skepticism. Several commentators on Twitter called the percentage unrealistic or “crazy,” while one quipped, “The only way that figure is realistic is if they polled six black people, and two of them were Clarence Thomas and Ben Carson.”

According a Sept. 8 report in FiveThirtyEight, polling suggests that “about 10 percent of black voters both nationally and in key swing states with large black electorates are supporting Trump.”

Rasmussen’s other daily surveys posted Thursday found that 52% of voters approve of Mr. Trump’s job performance, and that former Vice President Joseph R. Biden leads the president by a whisker at 48% to 47%.

There are so many polls out there.

So why trust Rasmussen?

Well... they were one of the most accurate pollsters in 2016!

The media and their allies in the Democrat party like to say that President Trump is only popular among white voters.

They emphasize that Trump's voters are more likely to be "uneducated."

However, even the New York Times is reporting that Trump is gaining significant support among minority communities:

American politicians, including presidents, have often sought to exploit the nation’s racial and ethnic divides for political gain. During the Trump era, voters are not responding as expected.

The gap in presidential vote preference between white and nonwhite voters has shrunk by a surprising 16 percentage points since 2016, according to an Upshot analysis of pre-election polls, as Joe Biden gains among white voters and President Trump makes inroads among Black and Hispanic voters.

Mr. Trump’s exploitation of resentments over immigration and race was widely credited with fueling his upset victory in 2016, but similar tactics this time have not had the same effect.  The president has so far failed to reassemble his coalition of white voters without a college degree across the Northern battleground states, and polls show that many white voters have been repelled by his handling of race, criminal justice and recent protests.

The decrease in racial polarization defies the expectations of many analysts, who believed a campaign focused on appeals to issues like Black Lives Matter or “law and order” would do the opposite. It may also upset the hopes of some activists on the left who viewed an embrace of more progressive policies on race as a way to help Democrats carve a new path to the presidency. This path would have been powered by overwhelming support from nonwhite voters, reducing the need to cater to the more conservative white voters who backed Mr. Trump four years ago. Instead, Mr. Biden leads because of gains among those very voters.

With the election less than a week away, there is still time for voter preferences to move toward those of the 2016 campaign. Back then, polls suggested Hillary Clinton was narrowly ahead in the national popular vote, yet hinted at Mr. Trump’s path to victory by showing his huge gains among white voters without a degree. Today, the same national surveys offer no comparable hint of strength for Mr. Trump among white voters.

If this trend holds, then President Trump is on path to surprise everyone again on election day!

Make sure to get to the polls and VOTE!


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