Woman Loses Car After Stealing Trump Sign!


That’s an expensive lesson!

It’s an epidemic of people stealing Trump signs out there.

But one woman, or teenager rather, was caught on video.

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The penalty?

Well, see for yourself:

And you gotta love what these people did.

Taking defense to a whole other level:


Ok, want one more?

This might be the best yet.

You gotta love this homeowner.

It’s pitch black outside and some dude thinks he can go piss on a Trump sign under the cover of darkness.

Except….he didn’t plan on this homeowner having a night-vision camera hooked up.

After he saw what was happening on camera, he grabbed his paintball gun and the rest, as they say, is history (kind of like his left nut after getting blasted by a paintball):


Posted by Shattered World Media on Monday, September 7, 2020

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This isn't the first homeowner to defend his Trump sign.

Check this one out:

And this:

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