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Britain Now Recording More COVID Deaths Per Million than US for First Time Since June


Is this of any interest to the mainstream media?

Or are they only interested in "data" that looks bad for President Trump?

New data suggests that Britain is now recording more COVID-19 deaths per million PER DAY than the United States since June


It looks like this trend is about to get worse.

Why is this significant?

The media and their allies in the Democrat party have attempted to create the narrative that President Trump has "failed" on the pandemic.

They have attempted to sell the story that the US response was the worst in the world.

However, battling this disease is a marathon, not a sprint.

Could our tactics be proven right in the long run?

It appears so.

Surges in Europe are now looking worse than the United States, and Britain is leading the way.

More details below:

The fact that Britain is now exceeding the US in daily deaths per million could indicate that a "dark winter" is ahead.

According to the Daily Mail:

Britain is now recording more Covid-19 deaths each day for the size of its population than the US for the first time since June, data has revealed.

Both countries are currently recording around two Covid-19 deaths for every million people — but Britain's rate stands slightly higher at 2.63, compared to 2.4 in the US.

The UK suffered far higher daily death counts in the spring, relative to its population. But over the summer, while Britain's outbreak fizzled out, America's failed to improve.

Now, coronavirus cases have picked up once again in Britain as it battles a 'second wave' and deaths are climbing at a fast rate. Around 180 Covid-19 patients are dying every day, double the rate ten days ago. It can take infected patients several weeks to fall seriously ill and die, meaning there is always a lag between cases and fatalities.

The US currently has the highest cumulative death toll in the world at 228,477. And researchers warned last week that the grim tally could pass half a million by February, in a worst-case scenario.

When looking at the total coronavirus death toll since the pandemic began, the two nations are on par with almost 700 deaths per million people so far. This is because the UK — which has endured around 45,000 Covid-19 deaths — is home to around 66million people, whereas the US' population stands at around 330million.

The figures come amid soaring cases in both nations, with officials in the US posting a record-high of 83,757 new infections on Friday. Britain also posted its highest ever daily number of cases tally last week, registering 26,688 positive tests on Wednesday.

But top experts insist the scale of the Covid-19 crisis was much bigger during the first wave and that numbers now are only dwarfing those seen in the spring because of a lack of testing, which meant millions of infected patients were never spotted.

And MailOnline today revealed Britain's Covid-19 outbreak appears to have slowed. Cases are currently rising by just 14 per cent each week, even though they were doubling every seven-to-eight days in September. Deaths are, however, still growing quickly because of the lag between getting ill and dying.    

Officials in both nations have been highly criticised for their handling of the crisis. Donald Trump's administration was blamed for 'one of the greatest losses of American life in history' by his presidential election rival Joe Biden, while Boris Johnson was accused of failing to act quickly enough in March.

But it's not just Britain.

All of Europe is facing a second wave.

Even in France, doctors are warning that the country has now lost control of the virus

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According to the Star Tribune:

A French doctor warned Monday that his country has "lost control of the epidemic," a day after health authorities reported more than 52,000 new coronavirus cases as nations across Europe enact more sweeping restrictions to try to slow surging infection rates.

Spain — the first European country to surpass 1 million confirmed COVID-19 cases — declared a state of emergency Sunday that included a nationwide overnight curfew, a cap of six people on social gatherings and possible travel bans in and out of the hardest-hit regions.

The effect was clear on Barcelona's famed Las Ramblas promenade, which was deserted Sunday night when it normally would have been teeming with people.

In two major Italian cities, people took to the streets amid a pushback from small sections of society to new restrictions. On Friday, demonstrators in Naples protested a locally imposed 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfew and clashed with police. On Saturday night, far-right and neo-fascist groups led a similar protest in Rome against a curfew. Another protest is planned for Tuesday in Milan.

Dr. Jean-François Delfraissy, president of the scientific council that advises the French government on the virus, said the country is in a "very difficult, even critical situation."

"There probably are more than 50,000 new cases every day. Our estimate at the Scientific Council is closer to 100,000 – twice as many," Delfraissy told RTL radio. "Between those who aren't tested and asymptomatic patients, we're close to that number of cases. This means the virus is spreading extremely fast."

France declared a state of emergency earlier this month and has been imposing more and more restrictions since September to try to ease the pressure on France's hospitals, where COVID-19 patients occupy more than half of all ICU beds.

Dr. Eric Caumes, head of the infections and tropical diseases department at Paris' Pitie-Salpetriere Hospital, said the country needs to lock down again.

"We lost control of the epidemic but that doesn't date from yesterday," he said on broadcaster Franceinfo. "We lost control of the epidemic several weeks ago already."

Europe's confirmed death toll has surpassed 250,000 according to a count by Johns Hopkins University, which puts the global toll at more than 1.1 million.

President Trump was 100% right when he said that we have to learn to LIVE with the virus.

We cannot let the cure be worse than the disease itself.

A vote for Joe Biden is a vote for more lockdowns.

It's time to make America great again... again!


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