Two Men Asked To Rate The Hunter Biden Laptop Pictures With 10 Being The Worst: “It’s a 20, The Worst Thing I’ve Seen In My Life”


When interviewed recently on the War Room podcast, two men who had seen the Hunter Biden laptop were asked to give it a rating.

On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being horrific and 1 being a snooze-fest, what do you rank it?

Without any hesitation the one man responds:  "It's a 20.  The worst thing I've seen in my life."

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There you go folks.

It's really nothing to celebrate, but perhaps justice will FINALLY be served.

I mean, what do you think makes up a 20?

A 20 is not just porno.

It's probably not even underage porno.

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A 20 has to probably involve torture or something else absolutely unspeakable.

How horrible. 

But let the line shine on these dark deeds and let all of these people be ARRESTED!


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