“My President Enters Like the Badass He Is”


If you’ve been to a Trump rally, you know it can be an adrenaline rush.

You’re hanging out with thousands of patriots, all who love this Country and love our President.

And then he arrives.

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President Trump knows how to make an entrance, and it’s different each time but always amazing.

Check out some of these awesome ones and then let me know which one is your favorite.

First up:

Another from Marine One:

From Gastonia:

From Florida:

This next one might be my favorite.

Arriving to "Eye of the Tiger" perfectly timed as Air Force One passes by in the background.  

So cool:

Which is your favorite?

Oh wait, I almost forgot.

NATIONAL POLL: Should Ilhan Omar Be IMPEACHED and Removed From Office?

Meanwhile....this dufus is excited about National Dessert Day:

Choose very wisely America when you vote.....

We can either have 4 more years with a Badass Commander in Chief, or we can have some dufus who is excited about his DQ Blizzard.  

I know my choice.  

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