Trump Holds A Thin Lead In Michigan According To A New Poll


It’s starting to come down to the wire and the polls are starting to show it.

A new poll by the Trafalgar group shows President Trump holding a thin lead in the Ste of Michigan.

The poll suggests that Trump is leading Biden in Michigan by almost two points, 46.5% to 45.9%.

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Trafalgar poll was the only poll to correctly predict Trump winning PA and Michigan in 2016.

So, their polling results shouldn’t be brushed off to the side.

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President Trump will return to Michigan on Saturday for an event in Muskegon, his campaign recently announced.

This visit will likely bring him up in the polls even more.

Michigan is worth 16 electoral points which the Trump campaign is eager to win.

Trump won Michigan by .23% in 2016 over Hillary Clinton and the way things look now Michigan will be nailbiter gain.

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