The Internet LOVES the Woman Sitting Behind Trump At His Town Hall Last Night! "The Hero We All Needed!"

The Internet LOVES the Woman Sitting Behind Trump At His Town Hall Last Night! “The Hero We All Needed!”


A great moment happened during Donald Trump’s town hall last night!

As Trump was answering questions a woman appeared to be nodding every time Trump was speaking.

She even waved her head in disapproval when moderator Savannah Guthrie tried to challenge Trump.

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Both Biden and Trump chose that the crowd of the Townhall meetings would be undecided voters.

Conservative analyst Dan Bogino said she was the “hero we all needed today”.

USA Today covered the unique story and shared these details:

Americans watching President Donald Trump’s town hall on NBC News may have noticed a woman sitting behind him who kept nodding her head in agreement with nearly everything the president said.

When Guthrie challenged the president, she shook her head to signal disapproval. She even seemed to give Trump a thumbs-up near the end of the forum.

Her constant head moves sparked biting commentary on Twitter and earned her the nickname “nodding bobble head” from at least one viewer and a hashtag, #noddinglady, from others.

“I don’t know who the nodding bobble head is behind Trump but someone on the Trump communications team finally earned their pay,” Tom Nichols, a senior adviser to an anti-Trump group made up of disillusioned Republicans, quipped on Twitter.

The Washington Examiner had this tidbit to add:

President Trump had at least one admirer during his NBC town hall event. A woman stationed conveniently in plain view of NBC’s camera’s could be seen nodding along with nearly every one of his answers.

“The black woman nodding in agreement with President Trump is everything right now…,” said Errol Webber, a Republican candidate for California’s 37th House District, on Twitter.

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