CIA Whistleblower Claims Hard Evidence That Obama+Biden+Hillary EXECUTED Seal Team 6


With 3 weeks out until the election, we all keep waiting for the October Surprise.

Actually, we’ve already had several.

But we’re waiting for the Big One.

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The one that changes the course of our country for decades.

The one that sends Hillary and Obama to prison or executes them for treason.

THAT kind of October Surprise.

And a new CIA Whistleblower claims to have exactly that.

The plot is vile….

It explains Obama’s cash payment of billions to Iran.

It explains the Osama Bin Laden execution details that just don’t make sense.

And it explains why a counter strike was launched to kill all members of Seal Team 6.

Let’s start here:


Here's more:

Joe M (Storm Is Upon Us) has a theory:

More here:

And here:

And I kind of had to laugh at this:

Ok folks, what do you think?

Will this all come out very soon?

Is it all in Hillary's emails?

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Don't forget, Mike Pompeo says they have ALL the emails and will be releasing them soon.

Is this the soft release?

The soft rollout?

I can't wait to find out....

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