Kamala Harris Tweets “It Would Be A Disgrace To Appoint Barrett To Justice Ginsburg’s Seat.”


Kamala Harris has once again given her unwanted opinion.

Harris took to Twitter to let the public know her true feelings towards Amy Coney Barrett.

The Senator said in a tweet “it would be a disgrace to appoint Barrett to Justice Ginsburg’s seat”.

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Senator Harris was basically saying Amy Coney Barret is a disgrace because she’s pro-life, unlike Ginsburg who was pro-choice.

What kind of world do we live in if being pro-choice makes you a disgrace?


Kamala Harris posted the tweet after she questioned Barrett at her nomination hearing.

She didn’t stop lashing out though.

A couple of days after saying Barrett was a disgrace she tweeted again about Barrett about her position on climate change.

It was clear before these hearings started for Amy Coney Barrett she would receive rough treatment and that’s what is happening.

It’s even sadder that Senator Harris is using Ginsburg’s name to condemn another woman judge making her way to the Supreme Court.

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