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Democrat Senator Doesn’t Allow Judge Barrett to Answer His Question, Interrupts Her

Democrat Senators continue to make themselves look bad in questioning of ACB.


Judge Amy Coney Barrett has been continually under attack by Democratic Senators during her confirmation hearing.

One of the those Senators was Patrick Leahy.

During his time questioning Barrett, Leahy continually interrupted Barrett while she was trying to answer his questions.

Democrats have attacked Barrett without restraint or reason.

They have acted like animals with rabies, attacking wildly and seemingly without direction.

ABC27 has more on day 3 of the hearing, including Leahy's comments:

For a third straight day, Judge Amy Coney Barrett took questions about her judicial record, her writings as an academic, and her philosophy on key issues. Senate Democrats once again pressed Barrett on whether she’d become the crucial vote to overturn the Affordable Care Act.

“My question was did you ever write or speak out in defense of the ACA…that’s a pretty simple yes or no question,” said Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont during his questioning period. Judge Barrett responded that she hadn’t had the occasion to show support for the statute.

Leahy and many other Democrats say they believe Barrett’s confirmation is a likely foregone conclusion. Some say they’re using the remainder of the hearings to message directly to the American public.

“I think the past couple of days in committee have helped the American people understand what the stakes are,” said Democrat Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island.  He says Democrats have clarified to the voting public what a Barrett confirmation would signify. “…to get rid of the Affordable Care Act, to get rid of Roe vs. Wade, and to get rid of Obergefel, the gay marriage decision,” said Whitehouse, “those are the stated purposes, but I don’t think America knew that going in.”

“This hearing has been more about Obamacare than it has you,” said Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican from South Carolina.

Graham, who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee, argued the ACA is deeply flawed. He also said Democrats are wrong to assume Barrett would favor striking down the whole healthcare law, even if part of it were found unconstitutional.

“If you can preserve a statute, you try to, to the extent possible?” asked Graham.

“That is true,” said Barrett.

“Okay, that’s the law folks,” Graham said.

Leahy's behavior is a good indicator that we need term limits for members of Congress.

Leheay was just the next Democrat Senator in line to make themeselves look awful during their questioning of Judge Barrett.

Leahy even suggested that Barret's confirmation could be "harmful to women."

Here's the story on that atrocity of a comment via Fox News:

Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., suggested Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett could be a potential threat to the rights of women and minorities, saying that Americans are worried that should she become a justice on the high court, her presence will set the country back decades.

Leahy made allusions to abortion rights, employment discrimination and voting rights during his opening remarks at Barrett's confirmation hearing on Monday.

"They're scared that the clock will be turned back to a time when women had no right to control their own bodies and when it was acceptable to discriminate against women in the workplace," Leahy said.

The Democrat went on to claim that there is concern that Barrett would rule in ways that would undo several other forms of equal protection under the law.


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