AOC Twitter Storm: “Um, Fracking Is Bad Actually”

The Leftist Congresswoman from New York took to Twitter as VP Pence brought the fight to Kamala Harris.


AOC was not a happy camper when Kamala Harris did not denounce fracking tonight at the Vice Presidential Debate. 

In fact, Harris' back peddling on fracking seemed to create a Twitter Meltdown Green New Deal magnate, AOC. 

Gotta defend the Marxist state planning which is her pet project, while she's at it. 

There's a new Sheriff in town, Mike!

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In case you haven't been properly indoctrinated, here's a brush up on what "The Green New Deal" is, you silly White Supremacist!

The best part about this seemingly minor detail in tonight's festivities is that the wedge may have finally begun to be driven between the Radical Left and Joe Biden's candidacy. 

But while we're at it, the Liberal Democrats are pushing the Climate Crisis narrative to force their state planned economy onto the American public. 

This isn't about the environment and the record proves it:

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