Pence Killed It!

Vice President Mike Pence took Kamala to school in tonight's Vice Presidential Debate.


Kamala Harris didn't bring much to the table tonight. 

She had plenty of talking points, most of which untrue.

But what did she really say?

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She wouldn't answer whether a Biden/Harris Administration would try packing the Supreme Court, for starters. 

She didn't in fact seem to answer many questions. 

The night was filled with deflections, accusations, and repeating baseless lies. 

She had no response to the fact that the Biden handling of the H1N1 Swine Flu was catastropically bad. 

Something admitted by his own staff. 

Donald Trump didn't just simply pay $750 in taxes. 

In fact he paid millions and received tax credits against future taxes owed. 

According to the New York Times, anyway. 

She tried admonishing Trump's foreign policy. 

She called China the "winner" of the ongoing trade war, despite their record economic contraction at the beginning of the year. 

She claims the Trump Administration doesn't lead internationally, despite massive hikes in NATO spending spurred by his leadership and bringing Islamic Terrorists to justice. 

Yet Vice President Pence was calm, cool, collected. 

He took the fight to Kamala and Joe Biden.

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When she said she wouldn't trust a "Trump" vaccine, he shamed her for undermining public confidence in a critical weapon against the COVID-19 Virus.

He made her back peddle on tax cuts and stab her Green New Deal buddies in the back by insisting Biden will not target fracking. 

He called her out on her dismal record as a prosecutor in California putting countless minorities behind bars using Joe's Draconian crime bills. 

And if it wasn't for that pesky fly who landed on his head, it would have been a flawless evening. 

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