Mask Off Part 2: Media Flips

When Donald Trump took his mask off at The White House, the deranged liberal media had a total meltdown.


I remember the days when Dr. Fauci would tell us that masks weren't effective. 

Then suddenly they are our only hope. 

Yet for some reason, people like Fauci and Cuomo and Chris Wallace, keep appearing in candid photos without a mask covering their faces. 

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Pardon the interruption, but which exactly is it?

One thing is for sure, it was a big NO NO for Donald Trump to take his off upon his return from Walter Reed.

Masks are about control. 

It is about the illusion, not the safety. 

Why did Fauci flip flop?

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Why did the WHO say they were ineffective?

Has mask science really advanced that far in 4-6 months?

Of course not!

President Trump is back, he's better, and in my opinion, he is opening up a new battle front on the government tyranny of Covid Lock Downs. 

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