Mask Off! Donald Trump Returns to The White House With Message of Hope

The President made his triumphant return home to the White House this evening, removing his mask as he reached to doors to his residence.


It was something out of a movie.

Marine One descends onto the White House lawn. 

The President descends from the chopper, makes his way across the lawn, climbs a set of stairs, reaches the top of the balcony, and stops. 

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As he turned to face his audience, the mask comes off.

Thumbs up!

Naturally, the Lame Stream media losts its collective mind. 

Brian Stelter of Fake News CNN likened the President's recovery to a "strong man tactic."

What the Left and their media lackeys really wanted to see was the demise of Donald Trump. 

Incessantly they fed the rumor mill on his impending and seemingly inevitable demise. 

Then, he took a joy ride to greet his supporters. 

Worse yet, he RECOVERED. 

Noting could be worse to the Democrats than seeing this man overcome the COVID Virus so quickly. 

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So decisively that hey, maybe you can too. 

The American People finding a ray of hope in the Pandemic hysteria driven by the Democrats and the Media is the true China Virus krptonite. 

Donald Trump showed us strength and he showed us a way forward. 

Don't surrender to the Virus!

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