Video Montage of President Trump Disavowing White Supremacy At Least 17 Times Over The Years!


Are we really talking about this again in 2020?

I seem to remember "Donald Trump is a white supremacist" was a huge topic in 2016.

It was bogus back then, but I thought we really put an end to it 4 years ago.

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Didn't we?

Pretty sure I remember that correctly.  

So why is Chris Wallace asking Trump the same exact question in 2020?  


And here:

Well, let's really bury this once and for all, shall we?

Would you like to see a video compilation of Trump disavowing at least 17 times over multiple years?

A brilliant job to whoever put this together.

Please enjoy (and show your friends!):

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Someone send this to Chris Wallace!

Maybe he should actually act like a journalist and do his research before asking STUPID questions like this!

This question alone should get him fired from Fox News and from any future debates, don't you agree?

FIRE CHRIS WALLACE - He's No Journalist!

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