Chris Wallace Asks Trump Almost the SAME Exact Question About White Supremacy In 2016 and 2020


Is this deja-vu all over again?

I distinctly remembered Chris Wallace asking President Trump if he would disavow the KKK and "white supremacy" in 2016.

Did you remember that too?

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And I distinctly remember Trump disavowing VERY clearly.

It was a ridiculous thing to even have to do in the first place, but Trump could not have been more clear.

So if I remembered all of that correctly, why does it seem like Wallace asked him the exact same question in 2020?

Did you notice that too?


Another version:

And another backup here:

From the Post Millenial:

Media will not stop asking the President and his staff whether or not the President condemns white supremacy and white supremacist hate groups. This after Trump signed a resolution stating that his administration would prosecute the KKK as domestic terrorists. Press Secretary McEnany gave a detailed account of Trump's efforts to combat white supremacy, yet media continues to ask why he don't combat it or condemn it.

A White House correspondent asks if the President condemns white supremacy in all its forms. McEnany says yes, and gives quotes from the president as to his condemnation. That correspondent then says "just to clear it up, can you make a declarative statement that the president denounces it." She clears that up. Another White House correspondent then asks why the president won't denounce white supremacy.

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Kaley was on fire and nailed it like usual:

And John Roberts (the Crooked reporter, not the Crooked Justice) had a major cob up his ass over it:

And just for fun, here is a compilation of Donald Trump denouncing extreme white supremacy groups at least 17 times over the years.

If only there were a journalist or someone who could research this stuff and report on it....

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