What An Entrance! President Trump Makes High Energy Entrance From Air Force One to PA Rally!


Oops, sorry, I forgot we're not calling them Rallies anymore.

My bad.

I mean his "Peaceful Protest" in PA! 😆

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As President Trump says, we are protesting stupidity! 

I love this guy.

I also loved this moment from last night.

If you missed it, I had to show you.

While Sleepy Joe stays hidden in his basement all day long, President Trump has twice the energy of men half his age…

Look at the photo above and the video below.

First, notice it's dark out.  

Most people would be sleeping or at home relaxing.

Not our President.

After announcing Judge Amy Coney Barrett as his next nominee to the Supreme Court, he boarded a plan leaving D.C. and headed to PA for a nighttime Rally.

Errrrrr, "Peaceful Protest"!

Not only that but watch the energy has he gets off Air Force One and walks over to the Rally crowd.  

You can just feel the energy coming through the screen as he is clapping and pumping his fist in the air!  

How blessed we are to have this President!  

Criss-crossing the Nation to campaign for re-election while still fulfilling all of his duties as President to a very high level, the man is incredible!

Watch this awesome moment:

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And if you missed his speech, I really think it was one of his best ever.

Fresh on the heels of the Barrett announcement, Trump was FIRED UP!

He even hinted at arresting Hillary Clinton soon.  

Watch and enjoy:

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