Dr. Dave Janda: NEVER Go To a Private Party In D.C., You’ll Wake Up With a Polaroid On Your Chest


How did the Swamp get so big?

How did so many people get corrupted?

It may not be that hard to figure out….

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It may come back to that age-old trick of blackmail.

Dr. Dave Janda is one of my favorite political commentators and he was on SGT Report recently to talk about all things D.C.  

He served in the Reagan Administration and is a respected doctor, among many other credentials.

He had several interesting things to say, including that he estimates that over 99% of Washington, D.C. is totally compromised.  



In the interview below, he talks about how he was told early in his career to never go to any private parties at someone's house in D.C.

Even if it's going over to watch a football game, you'd think it's innocent but then someone slips something in your drink, you lose consciousness and wake up hours later to find a polaroid taped to your chest, everyone gone and you alone wondering what happened.

But then you look at the polaroid and it's you in a very compromising situation.  


And from that moment on they own you.

It makes a lot of sense to me.

It explains why you see so many people start out so strong, with great purpose and ideals and then suddenly, almost randomly it seems, they change.

They start voting the other way.

It's happened to so many.  

I remember when Paul Ryan "changed."  

Of course we all know about the famous "change" by Justice John Roberts.

And countless others.

Is it really as simple as good old fashioned blackmail?

Janda says yes.

Please enjoy this eye-opening interview:

I also love how he talked about the Media and how the Administrations in D.C. feed the Media the exact opposite of the truth to confuse and mislead. 

Janda tells the story of being in closed door meetings where a certain thing was discussed only to hear later on the nightly news the exact opposite thing reported.

Janda innocently told the group he thought there had been a mistake and they should correct it with the MSM and everyone just laughed at him.

Told him the exact right message was broadcast just they way they wanted.

He says he then came to learn that if you look at the exact 180 degree opposite of what the Media reports, you'll be very close to the truth.

Think about it....

If we take just the news from this week, that means the opposite of what has been reported would be:

BIDEN and the Dems and not Trump colluded with Russia.

Q is real and powerful.

NATIONAL POLL: Should President Trump Fire All Obama Holdovers? YES or NO

P-Gate is real and not a conspiracy.

Trump is up in the polls.  

Amy Coney Barrett is one of the most qualified Justices to ever be considered for the Supreme Court and she will help restore our Country.

Are you getting this?

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