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Has The Clergy Response Team Been Activated To Push Us Into a “New Normal”?


Mark Taylor has been warning about the "Clergy Response Team" for years.

What exactly is that, you ask?

According to Taylor and others, it's a group of prominent pastors all across the United States that have been recruited by FEMA (Deep State government) to "keep the population calm" in the coming unrest. 

Or maybe the CURRENT unrest.

Because it looks like perhaps they have been activated.  

I for one noticed that early on a lot of well known preachers were fighting about against the "new normal", saying how they reject it. 

I heard that message from several pulpits. 


Now they are on the front lines pushing the "new normal" just as hard as they can.

What happened?

Did they get a call from FEMA?

Did they get activated?

Let's take a look at the details….

Taylor reports on the Clergy Response Team:


Reminds me a lot of what happened in Germany with railcars.  

Just get in!  It's for your safety!  Just be a good citizen and comply!  

And then....the furnaces.  

Here is Taylor explaining more:

Ok, for everyone saying this sounds like Tin Foil hat stuff, allow me to show you THIS.

This is from, the official FEMA government website.

You can view it for yourself here.

Right from their own site, it's an entire Dossier on "Christian Faith Communities."

They have us written up like it's an examination of Al-Qaeda or something....just look at this!

Now why would they need a sheet like this unless they were plannign to "infiltrate" Christian communities with, oh I don't know....a Clergy Response Team?


Go ahead folks, read it for yourself, it goes on for pages!

Read it here from


Now, here is Mark Taylor explaining exactly what is going on:


From JA Health Advocate, here are more details:

The Clergy Response Teams are being activated and that can mean only one thing, someone inside of FEMA is preparing for the purge of Christians. Here is some relevant history that every American needs to be aware of which explores the important answers to this question.

Who is Next? Has your pastor condemned the Islamic practice of beheading Christians? Does your pastor fear God or does he fear the government?  Who speaks for Christians? Who speaks for the citizens of a nation that are under judgement by God for their reprehensible sins?

With an estimated 100,000 Pastors who belong to the Clergy Response Team, it can be safely said that it would be better to lose your church, and avoid being led astray by a government-serving Clergy Response Team pastor, than to lose your life by GMO vaccine injection (aka the Mark of the Beast) and/or beheading (by guillotine).

They are the team of religious clergy that are responsible for guiding the religious SHEEPLE into the train box cars and the FEMA Prison Camps. Spirituality is a personal thing between you and your Maker, YOU DO NOT NEED TO FOLLOW A CHURCH OR CHURCH OFFICIALS (WORKING FOR GOVERNMENT) TO HAVE A RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD, THE CREATOR, THE ONE OR WHATEVER YOUR RELIGIOUS BELIEFS ARE. They want to keep religious SHEEPLE trusting in Government God as long as possible so they do not ARM UP or FIGHT BACK.

They will use the COVID-19 PLANdemic SECOND WAVE event as the LIE to get the FLOCK TO FOLLOW THEIR SHEEP DOGS/SHEPHERDS (aka Clergy).

They are also using CONTACT TRACERS to try to separate children from their parents under the guise of COVID-19 Testing, False Positive Test Results, and 14 Day Quarantines. Once the children are separated, the parents will be disposed of and the children will be RE-EDUCATED/INDOCTRINATED into the New World Order: One World Government; One World Religion, One World Money, One World Language; and One World Monarchy. Dave has discussed the FEMA Clergy Teams about a decades ago during the second Bush presidency and again during the Obama presidency.

Many whistle blowers have been saying that Trump is no longer in 'real' power since he declared a STATE OF EMERGENCY which then transferred power to the UNITED NATIONS owned and run Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The LEFT and the RIGHT wings of politics BOTH SERVE THE SAME MASTERS!
Pastor working for FEMA Clergy Response Team speaks out

W Mansfield
Yes, I am the Pastor who attended training then outed FEMA's plans for using ministers (Clergy). I didn't give myself the name Pastor Revere, Alex Jones did a few minutes to air time in his interview of me.

Prior to that, Pastor Butch Paugh (Call To Decision) conducted a few programs with me where I was known as "A Pastor from Ohio". (I say all that to verify who I am. I contacted Lisa and also spent time with her in 2014.

The Teams are alive and well. Thousands of Pastors have attended training over the years. Now that we're in a lock down, keep your eyes & ears open. In my radio interviews in 2006-7 and again 2014 til now, I emphasized that FEMA would use the term "Social Distancing" instead of "Quarantine" as it's more acceptable to the public.

Well, here we are, with politicians, the media, and citizens using the term as if it's cool or the right thing to do.  

The Armageddon Times has more details:

Many people in the independent media have reported that an
estimated 28,000-100.000 pastors were recruited by FEMA/DHS, as part of the Clergy Response Team, and that their initial and primary training was to tell their flock to obey the DHS version of Romans 13. Romans 13, in the King James version of the Bible, begins: “Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.” Romans 13:1 What is not being widely reported is that the training is still going on. The mayor of Roanoke, VA. is calling for the use of FEMA camps to house Muslim immigrants. How long will they be held? When will the Muslims be released? And who will take their place? We know that answer to the last question. Some pastors are speaking out and here is what they are saying.

The Perversion of Romans 13

Many of us have been quick to point that this bastardization of the Romans 13 is designed to force compliance to government edicts who might not otherwise comply.

Certainly all governments are not established by God. Were the governments of Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, all ordained by God? What about George the III? Most people in the independent media think that this is the extent of the threat posed by the existence of the Clergy Response Teams.

Romans 13 Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

I have discovered that the Clergy Response Teams are taking on much more nefarious duties and it can be accurately stated that the pastors associated with the DHS/FEMA/Clergy Response Teams are going to be doing a whole lot more than encouraging their flock to obey the government.

Pastor Mansfield attended several briefings and he could barely believe his ears. He learned of the government’s plan to enact martial law as well as to implement forced population relocations. Mansfield emphasized that when martial law is enacted, the enforcement would be immediate. In other words, family members will be separated from each other and part of the training that the clergy received was how to comfort separated family members.

Pastor Mansfield told me that the pastors were trained by FEMA to go to homes where people refused to be relocated by the authorities and their immediate job was to convince the reluctant to willingly go to the relocation camps. Ostensibly, this was to be done in lieu of sending in the SWAT teams.

I asked Mansfield if FEMA camps were real and he stated that much of the clergy training focused around this scenario of pastors operating within the forced relocation centers. The main goal of a pastor assigned was to bring order and encourage compliance with DHS requests, hence, the emphasis on Romans 13.

Disturbingly, Pastor Mansfield reiterated several times that the number one job of these pastors is to calm down the detainees and encourage their compliance within the people’s new surroundings.

Pastor Mansfield also stated that pastors will be utilized as informants. This violates the legal privilege of confidentiality between pastor and church-goer, that is currently recognized by law. All church-goers can no longer trust the sanctity of personal confessions and revelations made to pastors and priests. This one illegal act by DHS completely undermines the Christian Church in America!


I strongly suspect that the Clergy Response Teams are a part of UWEX 16 and simply listed as DHS personnel. With a minimum of 28,000 pastors being a part of this dastardly plan, we need to all put our pastors under our watchful eye. Is your Pastor disappearing for unexplained periods of time? Network with people you know from other churches. Are your respective Pastors disappearing at the same time? Can you account for your Pastor’s travels? Last year, at Baylor University, Christians from all over the Southwest came together at Baylor’s football stadium for fellowship at an event referred to as the “Gathering“. Given the political climate in Texas, I am a little more than suspicious that this event did not bring together several Clergy Response Team members for additional training under NOVAD. Again, we need to be putting our Pastors under scrutiny because we have 28,000 Judases in our midst.

Clergy Response Team Members Are Intimidated and Threatened by DHS
Mansfield told me that the pastors in America are being coerced to participate because when an emergency is declared, no pastor, who does not have the “FEMA-trained government badge” will be allowed to be in a declared “emergency” SAFE area.

Pastor Mansfield also felt very strongly this was the government’s way of removing Jesus from America’s landscape and set the stage for the ushering in of a new-age religion. In fact, Mansfield shared with me documentation which demonstrated DHS’s attempt to remove Jesus from the entire internment/resettlement process.

The pastors were told not to quote Scripture. The DHS document which was prepared for the pastors clearly stated that Scripture had been used to “oppress” people in the past and the presenters strongly discouraged its use. Please see the following excerpt from one of the DHS training manuals:

Healing Scripture and Prayer In the Pastoral Crisis Intervention

“During a time of crisis people do go through a “crisis of faith.”

Sometime quick mention of God and scripture may not be helpful. As we all know the Scripture has been used to oppress, dominate and at the same time used for healing and reconciliation- renewing of relationship with God and people. If the pastor senses it is appropriate to use the scripture and prayer, it must carefully be done for healing of victims not to uphold pastoral authority.” (Page 14)

In other words, all legitimate pastoral authority was abrogated by the pastors who participated in the roundup of American citizens.

Also on page 14 of the same training document, pastors were admonished to avoid “Unhealthy God talk….” Specifically pastors are ordered to avoid using references to God when helping people cope with the loss of a loved one:

“4. God must have needed him/her more than you.”

“5. God never gives more than we can handle.“

Doesn’t this strike you as odd? DHS recruits Pastors but will not let them preach the Word of God? Can we think of anyone or anything else that might support this goal? THINK HILLARY CLINTON! She will become known as the FEMA Camp President!


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