Do Masks Work?


Ok friends, want some SIMPLE proof that masks don’t work?

So simple that even a Dumbocrat could understand it?

I’ve got ya covered.

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The mask has you covered too….the only problem?

It doesn’t work.


Only useful to muzzle us and take away our humanity.

No facial expressions.

No human connections.

Just mindless, FACELESS automatons.

So how about we all say enough is enough?

I know I am.

Hoping you will join me after seeing this:

Backup version:

AlaskaArizonaFloridaGeorgiaIdahoIowaMissouriNebraskaNew HampshireNorth DakotaOklahomaSouth CarolinaSouth DakotaTennesseeUtahWyomingThe only states where Liberty is honored, all the other states have fallen to Marxist-Mask-Hysteria. Masks are so effective

Posted by Butch Robinson on Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Want even more proof?

How about a doctor.

I'd like you to meet Dr. Theodore A. Noel, MD, a well respected anesthesiologist from Orlando, FL.

And to establish that fact right off the bat, please take a look at this from U.S. News and World Report:

Yup, that's 21+ years in practice, a "Very Positive" rating from patients, and he's not just an MD but a specialist as an anesthesiologist.

In short, the man is smart!

And he just made a video PERFECTLY exposing why masks don't work.

Not even close. 

I'm just gonna let you watch this because it speaks for itself.....then please show your friends and family!

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And if that gets taken down, which it probably will, then you can watch the backup version over on the free-speech Bitchute platform here:

And here's even more from the good doctor:

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