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#CancelNetflix Trends Online Amidst “Cuties” Outrage, Cancellation Spikes

According to Liberals anyone outraged by the blatant child exploitation of this movie is some sort of "QAnon" nut-job, however.


For anyone unaware of the controversial French movie, "Cuties" being distributed for streaming on Netflix, here's a crash course:

It is a sexually exploitative film about "twerking" 11 year old girls. 

While it is being peddled as a cautionary tale against the dangers of the internet by those involved with the film, those of us in reality see it for what it is. 

Pedophilic trash.

Thank God that some members are making Netflix pay the price for this disgusting betrayal of children. 

Cancellations are exponentially higher than usual in the wake of the movie's introduction into the streaming library.

From Fox Business:

Netflix investors may be tuning out after the controversial french film 'Cuties' has ignited a #CancelNetflix campaign on social media.

Shares fell on Monday, despite a broad market rally, following a report that the streaming service may be losing subscribers.

YipitData, a global research firm, told FOX Business that Netflix's churn, or the amount of customers who choose not to renew their subscription, began to substantially increase following the film's release.

As of Saturday, the firm found that Netflix's daily churn reached a multi-year high that was nearly eight times higher than levels observed by the firm in August.

YipitData believes churn could continue to grow in the coming days, as an online petition against the film has gained over 614,000 signatures as of Monday evening.

The streaming giant, known for its popular titles such as "The Crown" and "House of Cards", has seen a subscriber boom during the pandemic, adding 10.1 million paid memberships in the second quarter, up from 2.7 million in the same period a year ago.

Netflix declined to comment on YipitData's report."

If there was any doubt that left that the Liberal activists amongst have completely embraced their depravity, the "Cuties" controversy should put an end to the mystery. 

NBC tried spinning the controversy as conservative hysteria and conspiracy peddling:

It’s probably worth observing, at this juncture, that if you see an adult woman perform similar dances in a music video on YouTube (or on a stage) you can safely bet that she learned the basic mechanics when she was at least as young as the actresses in “Cuties” — if you’d like to check that fact, please refer to any of the reality shows in the second paragraph. Doing body isolations and making your butt cheeks clap is hard; as a longtime theater nerd, I know quite a few professional dancers, and they can do stuff with their bodies I will never be able to do simply because I didn’t start dancing as a child. (As an adult, I have tried, and I will never be allowed back in that Taco Bell.)

But, of course, culture warriors love to hate the movies; that’s where the secret seat of political power is, according to the patron saint of right-wing media, Andrew Breitbart, who often said that “politics is downstream of culture.” The question of personal creative expression — and this is a very personal film, a coming-of-age story about a Senegalese-French girl much like the filmmaker’s younger self — isn’t even a tertiary concern once you’ve decided to engage with art this way.

The Qanon conspiracy is bizarre. The psychology of its followers is dangerous.
                                                                                                                        And, at the moment, the culture upstream of conservative politics is a hodgepodge of insane far-right conspiracy theories called QAnon, a movement that posits that senior Democrats, Hollywood executives and media barons feast, quite literally, on children, whom they also molest. It is a worryingly popular delusion and contains a lot of other credulity-straining canon, such as the classic antisemitic blood libel (which is related to the aforementioned cannibalism), the theory that the late John F. Kennedy Jr. is still alive, and the belief that common vaccines cause autism.

Right-wing news sites — now monstrously popular on Facebook in part because of systematic and deliberately overlooked violations of that company’s rules — have helped to spread these and other fictions by mixing in with it news about actual sexual predators like Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein. They have now leapt aboard the “Cuties” conspiracy train, declaring it evidence that supports all of their most depraved fantasies about liberal elites."

(I know David Frum pretends to be a Republican)

(He also writes for The Atlantic)

These pyschopaths and morally bankrupt freaks don't seem to understand that in order to make this so called PSA announcement about the internet and how it can sexualize children, they actually had to sexual children to make it. 

Why does any adult need to watch this film to understand that the internet can be a bad place?

Or that children are exposed to sexual thoughts and ideas?

We don't need a movie for that. 

What about the young girls who will be watching this film?

Will they view this as a bold, visionary commentary on intersectionality, social injustice, racial oppression, child sexuality, or whatever non sense they decide to spew out next?

Probably not. 

It will likely just serve as positive reinforcement for this type of behavior and inevitable loss of innocence and exploitation. 

But call me crazy...


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