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Breaking: Latest Rasmussen Poll shows Trump leading Biden nationally


The mainstream media like to act as if this election is already over.

They point to polls showing Biden with 4, 7, sometimes even double digit leads.

Ask Hillary Clinton how much their polls helped her on Election Day!

The latest Rasmussen poll, however, shows Trump with a 1-point lead over Biden.

Trump’s been gaining ground in many polls throughout the country these past few weeks.

Check out the story from Newsweek:

President Donald Trump reached a 1-point lead over Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in mid-September, according to a new Rasmussen Reports weekly survey.

It’s the first time the conservative polling company found Trump to be in the lead with 47 percent of likely voters’ support since starting its weekly White House Watch surveys in early July, pollsters said.

Though pollsters said in their report that the lead was “statistically insignificant,” they pointed out that, “Prior to this week, Biden has bested Trump in every weekly survey since White House Watch began at the beginning of July.”

Trump has in the past cited Rasmussen Reports for its approval rating surveys, which tend to be more positive than most other national surveys. He has also publicly thanked Rasmussen pollsters for their work on Twitter.

The polling company is considered to be an outlier amongst many other national polls due in part to the higher approval ratings its pollsters awarded Trump over the last few years. Though a Rasmussen representative told The Hill in 2018 that the company denied its polls tended to be partisan, FiveThirtyEight researchers currently rate Rasmussen Reports polls as leaning Republican by an average of 1.5 percent.

Rasmussen Reports’ presidential approval rating tracker said on Wednesday that about 52 percent of likely voters said they believed Trump was performing well in his position. Trump’s national approval rating has ranged between 44 percent and 52 percent since early July, according to Rasmussen pollsters.

Of course, dont expect the liberal media to give any attention to this poll.

They ignore the ones they don't like and tout the ones they think give them an advantage.

And they'll be sorely surprised in November because of it!

Even NPR admits that Trump is tightening the polls in important swing states:

It looks, for now, like President Trump has bounced back a little after bottoming out.

The president was at a low point against former Vice President Joe Biden, but in the past month, even though Biden still has an edge, the landscape has tightened some, according to the latest NPR Electoral College analysis.

The biggest change is that Florida has tightened in the month and a half since our last analysis and is back in the toss-up category. This means that including states leaning toward Biden, he is just below the 270-vote threshold needed to win the presidency. Currently he has a 268-to-169 advantage in the Electoral College.

We've made only a few changes, but one important one: Florida moves back to its traditional spot as a toss-up state. While Biden maintains a slight lead there, Trump has gained about 4 percentage points in polling averages since the end of July.

A new Monmouth University survey in Florida has Biden up 5 points among registered voters, and an NBC/Marist poll there has the race deadlocked at 48% apiece among likely voters.

The surveys showed contradictory findings when it came to Latinos. Monmouth had Biden with a large lead among Latinos but still underperforming what Hillary Clinton got with the group in 2016. That's something reflected on the ground as well, as Democrats there are concerned with being able to register enough Latino voters amid the coronavirus pandemic.

And speaking of Florida, checkout the Trump campaign's reaction to news that Trump's numbers in Florida are surging:


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