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BLM Activist Arrested for Allegedly Setting Wildfire in Washington State; Suspected in 2 More Cases


BLM activist Jeffrey Acord has been arrested for allegedly starting a wildfire in Washington state.

Acord is also being investigated for potentially starting two other wildfires.

The Puyallup Police Department arrest Acord, who streamlined his arrest to social media.

The media and their allies in the Democratic party like to blame "climate change" for the widespread wildfires on the west coast.

However, it appears that at least 1 (potentially 3) of these fires may be the result of a "peaceful protester."

More details on the accusations against BLM activist Jeffrey Acord below:

Though the police arrest Acord for allegedly starting a wildfire, he posted bail and was released.

Just a few hours later...

He was arrest AGAIN!

This time he was charged with burglary.

Local King 5 News has more details:

Puyallup police arrested a man after he allegedly set a fire on State Route 167 yesterday.

Police say it was intentional, but the man says he had nothing to do with it.

A Facebook live video on Jeffrey Acord’s profile now has over 155,000 views.

“I’m out here on 167 right now it looks like a fire literally just started,” Acord said in the video.

He is seen standing on the side of SR 167 in Puyallup and zooms in as flames rage from the median.

An off-duty Fife police officer saw the fire and Acord nearby and thought it was suspicious.

In the video, you hear Acord say he was walking along the highway looking for a camera that fell out of his backpack the day before while riding his motorcycle.

But Acord was arrested and booked on a charge of second-degree reckless burning.

“Ultimately it was determined is that they had probable cause to believe that gentleman had started that fire,” said Captain Jason Visnaw with Puyallup Police.

The fire burned about an acre and a half before Central Pierce Fire arrived and put it out.

“People intentionally setting fires is very, very concerning,” Visnaw explained

He worried about the ramifications intentionally set fires can have on a community.

“They should consider the impact that it has on others, the detriment of having your home burn down, losing all your possessions, the psychological impact of seeing these fires all over and being concerned for your safety and the safety of your family and friends. I think it’s a very selfish thing to do,” Visnaw said.

Acord posted bail the night he was booked.

Hours later he arrested again on a burglary charge after Puyallup police said he was seen was on surveillance video breaking into a gas station just blocks away from the jail.

Aside from being a BLM activist, Acord appeared to be part of the "resistance." 

He had multiple posts on his Facebook page (which now appears to be private).

Take a look at one of the screenshots circulating below:

His shirt clearly suggests that he is anti-police as well as anti-borders.

In a separate post, Acord posted himself attending a BLM rally.

The wildfires on the west coast have caused incredible damage.

The media and their allies in the Democratic party like to blame "climate change" for these fires, but it appears that many of them are man-made.

American Greatness confirms that more attacks could be on the way, potentially related to Acord:

A Washington man with a history of left-wing agitation was arrested Wednesday evening after he allegedly started a fire in the brush along a highway near Tacoma.

Jeffrey Acord, 36, was charged for reckless burning in the second degree. He is now reportedly also a suspect in two other Washington wildfires.

Acord appears to be a man of the left, according to his Facebook page.

Acord called 911 to report the fire he apparently started himself, and then livestreamed what ensued to his Facebook page.

Accord had drawn attention to himself earlier in the day by walking around the highway holding a lighter, according to Q13Fox.

When an officer questioned Acord, he claimed that he was looking for his $1,000 recording equipment because the camera case had supposedly fallen out of his backpack while he was biking the previous day.

“I’ve been out here all day searching for my camera,” Acord told police. “I’m trying to cover the area thoroughly.”

During his Facebook Live broadcast, Acord did an Oscar-worthy job sounding alarmed by his fire.

The fire was contained to the interstate and extinguished by the local fire department, although Puyallup Police were forced to close the northbound ramp.

“There’s nothing you can connect to me to this at all,” Acord stated before the video cut out. “I was literally calling this in.”

Acord was detained in the Puyallup City Jail with bail set at $1,000 and then transferred to the Pierce County Jail where he was booked under a separate burglary charge.

The suspected antifa militant has a history of anti-police protesting and encounters with law enforcement, court records show. According to his Facebook, Acord also attended a Black Lives Matter march in Seattle on June 5 of this year.

In the 2014 incident, officers reportedly found Acord carrying a 7-inch knife in his backpack, a box of ammunition, an assault rifle, a shotgun, and a box full of large fireworks in his car.

Acord attempted to justify the 2014 case as “a misunderstanding” to arresting officers during Wednesday’s arrest.

According to Protester Privilege, sources say Acord is now a suspect in two other wildfires in Washington, including the Bonney Lake fire that has burned more than 800 acres.

The Oregonian reported on Wednesday that a group of wildfires in Lincoln County may have been caused by human activity, as opposed to lightning or other natural ignition sources. These massive wildfires have have destroyed more than 2,400 acres.

At least five other individuals have been arrested for starting fires in Washington, Oregon, and California in recent days, although a connection to left-wing domestic terrorism has not yet been established.

Washington State Representative Jim Walsh released a statement on the suspicious wildfires:

“I am getting a lot of reports from residents of Washington State that the current wave of wild fires in Washington and Oregon may be caused or at least made worse by politically motivated arsonists,” he said. “How could their motives be political? To set fire to blame them on climate change?”

Residents of Bonney Lake told Kiro 7 news that they found broken glass with newspaper in the brush. Residents of Buckley Washington have reported similar claims in neighborhood social media groups.

According to Law Enforcement Today, federal law enforcement sources say that some of the people who started the fires may be connected, and more attacks could be on the way.

Instead of slamming Republicans for climate change, perhaps Democrats should look in the mirror.

If a BLM activist is responsible for starting 1 to 3 wildfires, who knows how many more might be man made!

Furthermore, if a BLM activist thought it was reasonable to start wildfires, this should raise serious questions about the ideology that these people are embracing!


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