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9/11 Flashback: Biden Opposed Bin Laden Raid; Bin Laden Wanted Biden as POTUS to Destroy America, Reports Allege


Today, we remember the Americans who lost their lives on 9/11.

Terrorists attacked our country, forever changing our sense of security and safety.

Osama bin Laden was responsible for the 9/11 attacks.

However, multiple reports confirm that Joe Biden was AGAINST the raid that took out bin Laden.

But that's not all…

New documents from Al Qaeda have been seized by the U.S. government.

These documents appear to show that bin Laden wanted Biden to be president of the US so that he could destroy America.

Specifically, the documents, which were written by bin Laden himself, read:

Obama is the head of infidelity, and killing him automatically will make Biden take over the presidency. Biden is totally unprepared for that post, which will lead the U.S. into a crisis.

More details and evidence below:

One of Obama's top advisors famously said that Biden has been wrong on virtually every major foreign policy decision.

In fact, Biden OPPOSED the raid that took out Osama bin Laden, the mastermind behind 9/11.

The Daily Wire reports:

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden told then-President Barack Obama not to launch a raid to kill Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, who wanted to assassinate Obama because he thought if Biden were president, he would destroy America.

While on the campaign trail earlier this year, Biden falsely claimed that he never told Obama “don’t go” after bin Laden that day.

Biden had the following interaction with Fox News reporter Peter Doocy on Jan. 3, 2020:

DOOCY: “And to follow your remarks earlier, as commander-in-chief, if you were ever handed a piece of intelligence that said you could stop an imminent attack on Americans — but you have to use an airstrike to take out a terrorist leader — would you pull the trigger?”

BIDEN: “Well we did, and the guy’s name was Osama bin Laden.”

DOOCY: “And didn’t you tell President Obama ‘don’t go’ after bin Laden that day?”

BIDEN: “No, I didn’t. I didn’t.”

The Washington Post gave Biden’s claim “Three Pinocchios” which designates statements that contain “significant factual error and/or obvious contradictions” and that are in realm of “mostly false.”

“According to the various accounts of administration officials involved in the internal debate, Biden was one of the two main skeptics of the intelligence suggesting that bin Laden was in Abbottabad. He publicly even stated that he said ‘don’t go’ until more intelligence was gathered,” the Washington Post reported. “So it’s certainly clear he advised Obama not to go at that moment when Obama’s advisers were debating the issue. No matter what he said to Obama privately, he cannot so easily argue that he did not offer this guidance.”

Bin Laden, on the other hand, wanted to push the U.S. into “crisis” by assassinating Obama and thrusting “totally unprepared” Biden into the presidency.

“In a letter, bin Laden wrote to a top Al-Qaeda official that he was instructing the Islamic terrorist organization to create two groups to watch for and target U.S. aircraft visiting the region that could be carrying Obama or then-CIA Director David Petraeus,” The Daily Wire reported. “Bin Laden specifically instructed the terrorists to ‘not to target visits by U.S. Vice President Biden.'”

The President can help shape America's domestic policy.

But as Commander in Chief, the president is largely responsible for foreign policy.

Do we really want the guy who opposed going after bin Laden as our Commander in Chief?

Do we really want to elect the person who bin Laden himself said was "totally unprepared" for the presidency?

Osama bin Laden also wanted to take out Barack Obama so that Biden would become president.

Bin Laden believed that Biden was "totally unprepared."

This would have destroyed the United States, bin Laden believed.

The Washington Post confirms:

Osama bin Laden pushed his organization to develop plans to kill President Obama in the belief that the United States would tumble into chaos if an “unprepared” Vice President Biden became commander in chief, according to new details published Friday about the documents recovered from the compound where the al-Qaeda leader was killed.

The al-Qaeda chief’s analysis of presidential succession scenarios appear in a collection of classified records that the Obama administration is planning to release to the public in the coming months. The documents were described by Washington Post columnist David Ignatius in an article that appeared on the newspaper’s Web site Friday and is scheduled to be published in the paper Sunday.

The documents depict bin Laden as a terrorist leader who was fixated on finding a way to assassinate top U.S. officials but who appears to have devoted more thought to the anticipated fallout from such plots than to how they might be carried out.

In a message addressed to his top lieutenant, bin Laden urged his network to pursue ways to kill Obama with an attack on the presidential aircraft, Air Force One — a scheme that U.S. intelligence officials said was well beyond the reach of al-Qaeda’s decimated ranks. The records also identify then-Gen. David H. Petraeus, who was commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, as a priority target.

“The reason for concentrating on them is that Obama is the head of infidelity and killing him automatically will make Biden take over the presidency,” the message said, according to the account by Ignatius, who said he was given an opportunity to view the records. “Biden is totally unprepared for that post, which will lead the U.S. into a crisis.”

Both Donald Trump Jr. and President Trump know this.

Watch the following YouTube video of them discussing Biden and bin Laden.


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