Video: Marine Veteran Proclaims VA Was 'Worst it Had Ever Been' Under Obama, Stands With Trump

Video: Marine Veteran Proclaims VA Was ‘Worst it Had Ever Been’ Under Obama, Stands With Trump

Marine veteran: "I stand with our president and everything he's continuing to do for our military day in and day out."

President Donald Trump has overwhelming support from within the military and law enforcement communities, despite democrats’ best efforts to derail said support.

Marine veteran Tyler Kistner is hoping to unseat Angie Craig in Minnesota’s Second Congressional District, and he is a strong supporter of President Trump.

Kistner recently spoke out against the Obama administration for policies he says caused the Department of Veteran Affairs to reach a low point during that time.

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He says the VA was “the worst it had ever been” during Obama’s tenure as president.

Marine veteran Tyler Kistner compares Trump/Obama administrations on service to veterans

Fox News has more on Kistner's insight:

The Department of Veterans Affairs reached a low point during the Obama administration, Minnesota GOP congressional candidate Tyler Kistner, a former Marine, told Fox Business Network Friday.

“President Trump is the one who helped increase the funding for the military, helped give us the capabilities to stand up to China, Russia, and the likes to make sure we have strong national security, and he also helped increase [funding for the] Veteran Affairs to make sure that we're taking care of our veterans after they serve,” Kistner told "Varney & Co.”

"Under the Obama administration, we weren't getting that," Kistner added. "Our budget was cut, we had limited resources to effectively carry out our job, and Veterans Affairs was the worst it had ever been. So I stand with our president and everything he's continuing to do for our military day in and day out."

Kistner was responding to a report in The Atlantic magazine that Trump disparaged fallen World War I soldiers as "losers" and "suckers" during a 2018 trip to France.

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Kirstner looks to have a promising career ahead of him in politics. 

He's already got the support of one veteran turned politician in Dan Crenshaw.

Other veterans and their family members agree with Kistner's assertion of how badly the VA was funded under the Obama administration.

We wish Tyler good luck in Minnesota, and God bless him for his service in the military.

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