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Rhode Island Professor Erik Loomis Supports Patriot Prayer Murder

On the History Professor's personal Blog, he repeatedly called a murdered Patriot Prayer member a "Fascist," and defended the man who killed him in cold blood.


Aaron "Jay" Danielson was murdered in cold blood in Portland at the end of August. 

Why? Simply because his murderer, Michael Forest Reinoehl, a self professed "100% ANTIFA" supporter, wanted to kill a conservative. 

But Professor Erik Loomis of The University of Rhode Island seems to think it was all justified. 

In fact, in his warped Leftist mind, Reinoehl was somehow the victim of Police brutailty once he was killed in a shootout with Federal Agents!

From Fox News:

“I am extremely anti-conspiracy theory. But it’s not a conspiracy theory at this point in time to wonder if the cops simply murdered him,” Loomis wrote. “The police is shot through with fascists from stem to stern. They were openly working with the fascists in Portland, as they were in Kenosha which led to dead protestors.”

By “fascists,” Loomis is ostensibly referring to Trump supporters and members of Patriot Prayer, a group founded by conservative activist and former Washington Senate candidate Joey Gibson. The group has been portrayed by the mainstream media and the Southern Poverty Law Center as a far-right hate group, though Gibson has denied this characterization.

Last week, law enforcement officers investigating Danielson’s death fatally shot Reinoehl after locating him in Lacey, Wash. Earlier that day, Portland police had obtained a second-degree murder warrant for Reinoehl in connection with Daniel’s death.

“Michael Reinoehl is the guy who killed the fascist in Portland last week,” Loomis wrote on his Sept. 4 blog post. “He admitted it and said he was scared the cops would kill him. Well, now the cops have killed him.”

In the comments section, a reader appeared to challenge Loomis’ defense of Reinoehl, writing: “Erik, he shot and killed a guy.”

Loomis responded: “[Reinoehl] killed a fascist. I see nothing wrong with it, at least from a moral perspective.”

He then took to his blog to double down on his Leftist Extremism:

Fears about CANCEL CULTURE are always projections from right-wingers who want to fire, if not imprison, liberals and left-wing professors for speaking out for justice. And thus of course, they are trying to cancel me. In the blog post about the police killing the guy who shot the fascist in Portland, we had a bit of a debate over the use of violence in protest movements. This means that like the NRA, I am not objectively pro-murder, at least according to the fascists at Campus Reform and bought and sold man of the Koch Brothers Jonathan Turley.

Most human beings were disgusted by the murder of Aaron “Jay” Danielson, the member of the right-wing group Patriot Prayer, in Portland. University of Rhode Island Professor Erik Loomis is not among them. Loomis defended the killing by Michael Reinoehl, an Antifa member who appears to have stalked Danielson before gunning him down.  Loomis insisted that any problem in gunning down right-wing counterprotesters was tactical not moral.

I testified in the Senate about the erosion of free speech and rise of violence on our campuses and in our streets. Antifa and related groups have succeeded in advancing anti-free-speech agendas as students and faculty justify attacks on those with opposing views.  Loomis has long espoused extremist views and violent language, including calling for NRA executive Wayne LaPierre’s “head on a stick.”

In his latest post, Loomis justifies the murdering of those who hold opposing views. He adopts the rhetoric used by Antifa extremists in labeling those on the other side of protests as “fascists” and then justifies any means to resist them, including apparently murder.

ANTIFA!!!!!!!!! Where’s the RICO trial against me and my organization?

And let me just tell you, how will I sleep at night knowing that the guy who helped lead the lawsuit to overturn the ACA doesn’t like me? I wonder what it is like to pretend to care about human life while working your whole life to ensure that people die?


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