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The Hill Mocked for Claiming Trump Rallygoers Didn’t Wear Masks When Images Appear to Show the Opposite


Yesterday, President Trump held a HUGELY successful rally in North Carolina.

It was an outdoor rally to protect attendees from the novel coronavirus.

The outdoor venue was filled to capacity and the overflow area was so packed that people had to wait in the parking lot!

But instead of covering Trump's successful rally….

The media attempted to claim that most rallygoers didn't wear masks.

There's only one problem: images appear to suggest the opposite.

In particular, The Hill came under heavy fire for the following image:

The Hill tweeted:

JUST IN: Trump, supporters gathered without masks in North Carolina despite request from local GOP official


Let's zoom in on that picture.

Because it looks like people are wearing masks!

We don't know about you, but to us, it looks like MOST people in that image are wearing masks!

Below is a screenshot of The Hills' now-deleted tweet:

Unfortunately, it wasn't just The Hill.

It appeared as though every mainstream media outlet was pushing this narrative.

But according to Fox News, at least The Hill was called out for this narrative despite images showing the opposite:

A tweet was roasted on social media Tuesday evening when it claimed Trump rallygoers in Winston-Salem, N.C., defied local lawmakers by gathering without masks when the accompanying photo showed a crowd of supporters wearing masks.

“JUST IN: Trump, supporters gathered without masks in North Carolina despite request from local GOP official,” The Hill wrote in a now-deleted tweet from it’s verified account to accompany a photo of a crowd wearing masks.Twitter users were quick to point out that the photo contradicted the text.

“That’s strange,” Students for Trump observed. “What are the things on most people’s faces behind him in the pic?”

“Maybe I'm tripping but it looks like every single person in this crowd is wearing a mask. I understand many times headlines and stories about Trump and his supporters are pre-written based on assumptions or (media) narratives rather than truth. But this is so egregious its nuts,” Fox Business' Charles Payne added.

“They lie and then post a photo that proves they lie, and they simply don’t care. Literally every person in the audience is wearing a mask. This is how much contempt the #FakeNews has for conservative Americans,” actor James Woods wrote.

The misleading image did not appear inside the story which noted that “a smattering of supporters could be seen wearing masks,” and focused on a local GOP leader named Dave Plyler saying that face coverings have been ordered by North Carolina’s Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper.

“We have deleted that tweet and are now using shots of the crowd in front of President Trump, which show that most people were not wearing masks . We are also updating our story to note that many people behind the president were wearing masks,” The Hill editor-in-chief Bob Cusack told Fox News.

Fortunately, conservatives can fight back against mainstream media narratives through social media.

Here are just a few of the tweets from users criticizing The Hill's reporting on Trump's MAGA rally:

Of course, the media attempted to push the narrative of Trump endangering rallygoers.

Here's how CNN chose to cover the successful rally:

President Donald Trump made his third visit to North Carolina in as many weeks on Tuesday, pushing a new end-in-sight message on coronavirus.

Whether the situation on the ground there helps him is an open question; the state still has a mask requirement in place, and many businesses -- including bars and movie theaters -- remain closed.
But the President did not wear a mask during his speech in Winston-Salem.

And while many supporters visible in stands directly behind Trump were wearing masks, most individuals higher up on the stands away from Trump and most supporters on the ground in front of Trump's podium were not sporting masks.

Before Tuesday's event, the Republican chairman of the local county commission said the President should wear a mask during his speech, a virtually unimaginable prospect for a President who has been mocking his rival for wearing one and who demanded reporters remove their face coverings when asking him questions on Monday.

"The President of the United States sets the example for everybody else. You can hear it: if the President of the United States says I don't have to wear it, I'm not going to wear it. And I can guarantee you that will be done," said David Plyler, the chairman of the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners.

As the campaign enters its heated final months, Trump is betting an imminent coronavirus vaccine and a rebounding economy will provide an eleventh-hour boost to his flagging reelection effort.

He has begun accelerating his public timeline on a potential Covid vaccine, saying Monday one might be available "very soon, maybe even before a very special date" -- a reference to Election Day.

It appears the media will push a narrative no matter what the evidence shows.

Notice that the media covered the rally from the perspective of masks, rather than covering the substance of the rally itself.


Because they know that President Trump's message is resonating with the American people!


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