Stephen King Diagnoses Trump “Mentally Unstable” & “Delusional”


This past Tuesday night, renowned horror writer Stephen King accused Trump of being rendered “mentally unstable” and called him “probably delusional” in a new tweet, following up on his rampage of anagy tweets during the last week of the RNC.

This is not the first time Author Stephen King has voiced his harsh critics on President Donald Trump, and unfortunately probably won’t be the last.

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Making headline news several times in the last few years about his political feelings, Stephen King has recently sent out several tweets, blasting Trump, the RNC and many republicans in general.

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Perhaps Looking at yourself in the mirror, then looking at Biden in the same inquisitive way…might help you, Stephen…you’ll end up finding the definition of “mentally unstable” and “delusional” there.

See it for yourself below:

Check out below a few of his worst Tweets about Donald Trump he's shared over the past few years:

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