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Top Jeb Bush Strategist Leading Group of Republicans To Spend MILLIONS For Biden!

The never Trumpers are desperately combining forces in an attempt to bring down President Donald Trump.


The coalition to stop President Donald Trump from winning re-election is not limited to just Democrats.

A group consisting of several Republicans is being led by fromer Jeb Bush aide Mike Murphy.

The group has turned against their fellow Republicans and is reportedly spending millions of dollars to turn Florida blue.

the group is calling itself “Project Orange Crush” and plans to spend as much as $10 million over the next few months in order to ensure President Trump loses re-election.

The New York Post has the details of this new group of turncoat Republicans:

A Republican group, with the help of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s top political strategist, is working on a campaign called “Project Orange Crush” in the battleground state to back Joe Biden over President Trump this election, according to a report.

Officials with the national super PAC Republicans Voting Against Trump said they would target moderate voters in the Sunshine State to support the former vice president and flip that state, which went with Trump in 2016, the Miami Herald reported on Monday.

The group has enlisted the help of Mike Murphy, who was behind Bush’s two gubernatorial wins, to lead the campaign as well as David Hill, a former Bush pollster.

The campaign is expected to spend as much as $10 million in the run-up to the November election on TV, social media and digital ads to persuade the nearly 500,000 independents and moderate Republicans in the state, who are skittish about re-electing Trump but have not committed to Biden.

“Our plan is to surgically target the key 450,000 Independents and soft Republicans who will decide the election,” said a memo from the group, obtained by the Miami Herald.

They are focusing on Florida because Biden has a slight advantage in the polls, and because there is diversity in the state’s voters, in comparison with other battleground states like Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

Mike Murphy has been very vocal of his disdain for President Trump, as can be seen during his interview with MSNBC.

Mike Murphy: "The biggest political party in America right now is called the "fire Donald Trump party."

The Miami Herald has more on the group's attempt to turn Florida blue for Biden:

Republican Voters Against Trump also conducted polling with Florida Republicans and independent voters who aren’t fully committed to either Trump or Biden. The polling, conducted in July, found that a majority of voters in certain groups — women, independents and people age 65 and older who aren’t backing either candidate — were leaning towards Biden. Of those polled, a majority of men and registered Republicans were leaning towards Trump. The two candidates were tied overall, the poll found.

The group said their poll results, which showed Biden leading among independents and getting 40% support from Republicans who aren’t sold on Trump, is evidence that a key group of voters can be persuaded to vote against the president with the right messaging campaign.

“The purpose was to test messages and perceptions among these soft and undecided voters,” the memo said.

Project Orange Crush organizers said they will spend money in an effort to persuade this small group of voters. The group’s digital campaign will begin this week, with TV ads to begin in mid-September. As a super PAC, Republican Voters Against Trump can raise unlimited sums of money from donors but cannot coordinate with campaigns.

The effort is the latest campaign spending push in Florida, where ad spending for the 2020 election has already surpassed the $133 million spent on the 2016 presidential election.

The Biden campaign has announced a $280 million TV and digital ad buy across 15 states ahead of the November election, though has not announced state totals. The Trump campaign has already purchased at least $36 million in TV time for September, October and November in Florida, according to Advertising Analytics, a firm that tracks campaign ad buys.

Biden has maintained a small lead in every Florida poll released throughout the summer, but both campaigns view the state as a toss-up in November.

It's clear that all of these turncoat Republicans, including Mike Murphy and Jeb Bush, are all a part of the swamp that President Trump warned us all about.

They're still bitter that the establishment failed to stop Trump in 2016 from exposing them for the frauds that they are.


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