Flashback Video: Kamala Harris on Violent Protests, 'They're Not Going to Let Up, and They Should Not'

Flashback Video: Kamala Harris on Violent Protests, ‘They’re Not Going to Let Up, and They Should Not’

Kamala Harris seemed to predict back in June that the violent protests sweeping the nation would still be an issue now.

Back in June, now VP candidate Kamala Harris had some interesting things to say about the protests that have led to riots.

While on Stephen Colbert’s show, Harris discussed the violent protests sweeping American cities and their impact.

Harris seemed somewhat excited at the prospect of the violence continuing.

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At one point Harris jubilantly claims that the riots will not stop, and that they should not.

If Biden wins this November, this woman is likely to be president by inauguration day…

Let that sink in…

What's most disturbing about Harris' comments is the look of jubilance on her face as she talks about the violent protests.

Watch this video, and then watch it again with the sound turned off. 

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Just read Harris' face, and without even hearing what she has to say, you can tell that she's extremely excited about it.

Her eyes get bigger, a smile forms on her face, and she's much more physically animated.

Contrast that to Stephen Colbert's face, and you can tell that even he has enough awareness to realize that Harris' reaction is not a good one.

Harris is being called out for this innapropriate and dangerous rhetoric now months later.

You get what you ask for...

Kamala Harris and the Democrats now own these riots.

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