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Don Lemon Doesn’t Understand Why People Think CNN is Biased

Don Lemon defended CNN from accusations of anti-Trump bias after calling Trump a racist and a bigot.


After calling President Donald Trump a ‘bigot’ and a ‘racist,’ CNN host Don Lemon is confused why people think he and CNN are biased against the president.

Lemon was a guest on Aidan McLaughlin’s podcast, where the interviewer asked Lemon if he thought journalists should be more forthright with their coverage of Trump’s behavior, or if that exposed their own bias.

Lemon’s response: “How is being factual, bias?”

Here we go again…

Unpacking Don Lemon’s sense of reason and logic feels alot like what I imagine trying to reason with a schizophrenic might be like.

Our pals at Fox News have more on Lemon's lask of awareness:

CNN host Don Lemon defended calling President Trump a “bigot” and a “racist,” saying he was only speaking the truth and it doesn’t make the "CNN Tonight” host biased.

Lemon is billed by CNN as a nonpartisan anchor, but reguarly attacks the president with far-left opinion. Mediaite’s Aidan McLaughlin confronted Lemon’s recent rhetoric, specifically calling Trump a “bigot” and a “racist” during recent segments.

“Do you think that journalists should be more forthright in how they describe Trump’s behavior? Or... critics would say that’s exposing their bias,” McLaughlin asked during Lemon’s appearance on “The Interview” podcast that was released on Thursday.

“How is being factual, bias? How is taking evidence and someone’s own words and their own actions, and their own policies, and just presenting it back to the public on television or whatever medium -- whatever journalistic medium you happen to be in -- How is that bias?” Lemon asked.

“How is that bias? That’s just the truth,” Lemon said. “Now, if the truth isn’t on your side, then ... what this administration will do is say you’re biased and say that everything is negative because they don’t have the truth on their side.”

Lemon then said that Trump started his political career by lying about there Barack Obama was born and calling some Mexicans rapists, "which is racism,” Lemon has said.

"It’s no wonder that this president’s coverage is befitting his actions, his words and his policies,” Lemon said. “His policies, his actions, his words ... are negative and his press coverage is befitting of that.”

Lemon went on to defend CNN’s anti-Trump reputation.

“This man is the president of the United States and I think it’s very easy to say that CNN is negative or is anti-Trump, because the truth is not on Trump’s side, so he attacks us and we are here to tell people the truth,” Lemon said. “I don’t really understand how people will say CNN is biased and focuses on the negative of Trump.”

I know, the man makes very little sense.

Trying to understand what the hell Lemon is talking about leaves me as confused as Chris Cuomo is in this clip...

Don Lemon calls Trump a 'bigot,' a 'racist,' and a 'hypocrite.

Mr. Lemon believes his political 'lens' is not one of bias, but of experience, as was reported by yahoo almost 2 months ago:

CNN’s Don Lemon addressed his evolution as journalist at the live streamed Promax Conference Tuesday, saying he reports from “experience.”

“People wonder if I’ve changed as a journalist,” he told The Hollywood Reporter’s Nekesa Mumbi Moody in conversation during the conference. “I mean, I’ve always been the same person. I’ve always had the same experiences. It’s just that now, I think, I feel more comfortable in what I do. I think I’ve evolved. And people — that happens to anyone who lives. If you live long enough, you’re gonna evolve, right? If you do a job long enough, you become more comfortable at it. You become better at it. Being a person, a black man — let’s put it this way: being an American who happens to be Black, who happens to be gay, from the south, I have a certain lens that I view the world through and that’s not necessarily a bias. That’s my experience.”

He pointed out that his recent coverage of coronavirus and the unrest over systemic racism in the country — which he sees as two “related” stories, not different ones — is a good example of his evolution.

“I have had positive interactions with the police, for the most part, when they know who I am, but I’ve also had some very interesting and not-so-positive interactions with police officers, especially before I became ‘the guy on CNN,'” he explained, “and when they don’t realize that I’m ‘the guy on CNN,’ when they finally figured it out. This is all very relatable to me, so if I can’t give my point of view, and speak through the experiences that I have had as a man of color who is lived on this earth for more than 50 years, who happens to have this platform, then when am I going to do it? I’d be derelict in my duty as a journalist and derelict in my duty as an American if I didn’t speak to those issues with honesty.”

Covering the unrest has been surreal for him, he said after Moody said she’s noticed him “bring more” of himself to his broadcasts and his new CNN podcast, “Silence Is Not an Option.”

Don Lemon refutes having bias against Trump, yet he continually tries to bait guests into bad mouthing the president.

Don Lemon tries to bait Jacob Blake's mother to bad mouth President Trump

At this point, Lemon is probably trying to convince himself that he's not bias, because most everyone else can easily see through his "lens of experience."


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