Petition: Add Candace Owens To The Convention!

The notable young conservative woman being left off the list of speakers was a disappointment to many in the MAGA movement.


Night one of the Republican National Convention is underway and there has already been a great list of speakers who would have made a huge impact over the course of the week…but in one night!

Donald Trump, Jr, Senator Tim Scott, and a moving speech from Cuban immigrant, and founder of Sunshine Gasoline Distributors, Maximo Alvarez, just to name a few.

But one noticeable name not on the list of speakers this week is Candace Owens. 

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And a new petition is making the rounds tonight calling on President Trump and the RNC to add her to the list!


Ms. Owens is an important voice in both the young Conservative movement and also in representing the African-American & female communities, especially through the popular BLEXIT Movement.

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It is a shame that she won't be included!

If we can get the message out there that she would be a valuable addition, through signing and sharing petition through the above link, it may just be the thing that puts the President's great convention over the top!

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