After Dems Stole His MAGA Hat, 7-Year Old Riley Just Got a Call From The White House…


This one is gonna bring a smile to your face!

You might have seen 7-Year Old Riley recently.

He's the sweet boy who was supporting President Trump with a red MAGA Hat outside the DNC Convention.

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But the Democrats are so filled with hate that they couldn't even tolerate a little boy and they attacked him and his mother and stole his hat.

They also spewed all sorts of hate and profanities.

Stay classy, Dems!

In case you haven't seen it, watch what happened:

Well, it turns out President Trump himself heard about what happened and decided it wasn't right.

So he personally called the boy.

As reported by Benny Johnson, take a look:

Update: It looks like Riley is getting a new and much cooler replacement hat.

Posted by Benny Johnson on Friday, August 21, 2020


And because I know FB frequently censors posts and may not let you see this, here is a screenshot:

You gotta love our President!  

Keep smiling Riley!

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