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Chuck Todd Humiliated When Savannah Guthrie Criticizes His “Road to 270” Map for Joe Biden


Haven't we seen this story before?

Like… as recently as 2016?

On MSNBC, Chuck Todd was gloating about Joe Biden's path to victory.

He recreated an electoral college map showing how Biden will supposedly get 270 electoral votes on election night.

The only problem?

This is exactly what the fake news media said in 2016…

Right before Hillary lost… big time!

Savannah Guthrie pointed this out, and Chuck Todd got upset.


He eventually showed viewers Trump's "narrow" path to victory.

See the clip below:

In case you've forgotten, here's a clip from MSNBC from 2016....

Trump proved all the media pundits wrong and won the states they said he would lose!

The polls are allegedly better than they were 4 years ago.

But eagle-eyed observers note that many of these polls could be oversampling Democrats.

Townhall has more details on Todd's comments:

"Meet the Press" host Chuck Todd was happy to have his interactive map back during his coverage of the DNC convention Tuesday night. And, he was smiling ear to ear as he explained how Joe Biden has an easy "Path to 270" in the November election.

"Right now, we would have Biden already with a win," Todd said. "He's got a 10-point lead nationally, and right now we have some of these big battleground states."

Todd pointed at Nevada, Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan as all "lean Biden," meaning he has at least a 5-point lead in each state.

As for the toss up states they haven't assigned, like Iowa, Ohio, Georgia and Texas, Biden "doesn't have to win any of them and he'd still win the presidency with Barack Obama-like electoral vote numbers," Todd noted.

His colleague Savannah Guthrie, who is usually doing morning duty for the "TODAY" show, interjected to remind Todd that it was a similar story in 2016, when media and pollsters were convinced they had the numbers to give Hillary Clinton an easy win.

"For those who remember this movie from 2016 Chuck, when folks like you and all of us put up polls and put maps that said Hillary Clinton would win, and now you're showing a similar map, I think a lot of people are probably sitting home a little skeptical," Guthrie reasoned.

Todd laughed and relented, before presenting Trump's "narrow" path to victory.

"In order for the president to get to this path, he needs a job approval rating north of 46 percent," Todd explained. "He's not been north of 45 in our poll for over a year. And he's going to have get his popular vote numbers to 47."

No wonder President Trump calls them the fake news media!

Even when they're called out for their errors, the media digs their heels in and tries to explain why they're always right!

The reality is that Trump remains highly competitive in this race.

And just wait til the debates...

The landscape can still change drastically!

There's a reason they say, "People who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it!"

Well, it appears that the media hasn't learned their lesson.

Perhaps their too busy covering for Joe Biden and pampering Kamala Harris.

Even in Minnesota, which is typically a blue state, new polls show that Trump and Biden are in a virtual tie.

Of course, the mainstream media isn't reporting this!

According to The Hill:

President Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden are statistically tied in Minnesota, according to a new poll.

The latest survey from the Trafalgar Group finds Biden at 46.9 percent and Trump at 46.5 percent. Libertarian Party candidate Jo Jorgensen gets 3.7 percent support, while 1.7 percent are undecided and 1.2 percent said they’d support someone else.

The Trafalgar Group’s surveys have been showing a tighter race in the battlegrounds than other pollsters have found.

The outlet weights its polls to account for a “social desirability bias,” or the so-called shy Trump voters who are embarrassed to tell pollsters they support his candidacy. In 2016, Trafalgar was the only polling outlet to show Trump leading in Michigan heading into Election Day.

Pollster Robert Cahaly has told The Hill he believes there are more quiet Trump voters in the U.S. than there were in 2016.

The survey is the latest to find Trump closing the gap in Minnesota, which Hillary Clinton carried by only 1.5 points in 2016.

If history is any indication, it appears that Democrats are in for a rude awakening on election day!


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