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Donna Hylton, Convicted Rapist and Murderer, Featured at DNC for Biden


You can tell a lot by a candidate based on who endorses them.

President Trump has received endorsements from police unions…


Political outsiders…

And military leaders.

And Joe Biden?

Well, his latest endorsement comes from Donna Hylton, a convicted rapist and murderer.

In fact, the DNC chose to feature Hylton during their virtual convention!

Her conviction was so bad that she was excluded from President Trump's prison reform.

Yet… the DNC chose to feature her and she openly endorsed Joe Biden.

If the media reported this fairly, middle America and centrists would be totally turned off!

By the way, did we mention that some sources say she kidnapped and tortured a GAY man!

"Well, he was a fag anyways" was her defense, these sources say (more details on that later).

Can you imagine if someone with a similar background endorsed President Trump?!

More details on this grotesque situation below:

Hylton was convicted of kidnap, rape, and murder.

How can the #MeToo party give her such a huge platform?

Are they so "inclusive" that they will now allow convicted criminals of the worst kind to speak at their convention?!

And in the same breath, they want to say that Trump is the dangerous one!


According to Yahoo News:

Donna Hylton was convicted in a torture-murder case three decades ago. Hylton and several others kidnapped a man and tortured him to death. Some sources have even gone so far as to claim that the man was gay. Whether or not this was true is unclear.

According to the Daily Caller, real-estate broker Thomas Vigliarolo was held for ransom by Hylton and three men and three other women. Hylton was reportedly the one to deliver a ransom note, requesting upwards of $400,000. When the ransom was not granted, Mr. Vigliarolo was killed.

After a trial, Hylton was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

Now, Donna Hylton’s name is associated with politics. She works as an activist for criminal justice reform and has played a fairly big role in representing women. In fact, she was a featured speaker at the recent Women’s March on Washington.

Donna Hylton’s conviction in the torture-murder case has many people wondering why on earth she would be a part of the Women’s March.

You know a political party based on the types of people it attracts.

And the Democrat party seems to be attracting criminals, radicals, and law breakers!

Hylton's crimes were so bad that she was BANNED from participating in Trump's prison reform efforts.

The NY Daily News confirms:

Ex-inmate turned prison reform advocate Donna Hylton says she was disinvited Friday from attending a White House event on the nation's correctional facilities.

Hylton, who served 27 years for murder before emerging as a voice for female prisoners, told the Daily News that she was an invited guest to the forum featuring President Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner.

But once on the White House grounds, Hylton was told that her name on the list of attendees was accompanied by the words "do not admit."

"I'm very disappointed," Hylton told the News. "I wasn't angry. And I was saddened. I will not stop being a voice and standing in my truth.

"President Trump said people deserve a second, third, fourth chance. That's not what happened to me today. If you're a woman of color, absolutely not."

The activist — one of the speakers at the January 2017 Washington women's march targeting Trump — said there was no explanation from the Secret Service as she was escorted away.

A spokesman for the federal agency declined comment Friday on the incident. And a White House spokesman did not return an email for comment regarding Hylton.

Despite Hylton's comments, the reality is Trump's prison reform largely benefited African Americans and minorities.

Trump is truly a president for ALL people.

It's sad that she's trying to score cheap political points.

And Joe Biden and the Democratic party should be ashamed for trotting her out on the national stage as a model for others.


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