RESULTS ARE IN: Will You Vote TRUMP For a Second Term?


The results are in from our latest poll.

Yesterday, I told the 300,000 readers of my Newsletter I wanted to conduct my own poll.

No Crooked MSM polls.  

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I'm tired of the B.S.

A real, honest poll.

I asked each of them to share this link far and wide:

NATIONAL POLL:  Will You Vote TRUMP For a Second Term?

To post it on Facebook, Twitter and Parler.  

So we could have a huge sample size.

And now the results are in!

And as promises I am sharing them with you.

Here you go folks….

To say this is a Landslide is not even fair to landslides:

The Biden supporters couldn't even crack 1% folks!  


Just remember this the next time you see a crooked media poll.

And also remember THIS the next time you see one...

The graphic says "last updated 10/21" but I remember news stations airing this all day long on the day of the election, do you? 

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