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Is C-19 a Hoax? Your survey responses are in….


Ok folks, yesterday we ran a poll asking YOU if you thought COVID-19 was real, fake, a hoax or some other answer?

NATIONAL POLL:  Do you think COVID is a Hoax?  YES, NO or EXPLAIN…👇

I promised that we'd share the results with you so now here they are!

And they are VERY interesting….

In no particular order:

*NATIONAL POLL*:  Do you think COVID is a Hoax?  YES, NO or EXPLAIN...👇

Corona  virus has been Around a long time. It is found in common colds. I think it is a first test to get people scared and in a panic, controlled. I myself am not afraid of it. I have got God on my side

It was srarted in China to bring President Trump and the USA down!!!!

No, it is no hoax,its is a one world people's created virus to usher in the new world order. Expecting the flock mentality to just follow and be lead to the slaughter!!!!!

Yes, I believe it's a real thing blown way out of proportion by the Dems! They want Trump's economy to stop. Another shut down will finish America! 😥


Not a hoax but a well planned operation by the Chinese government to overtake America

I am not sure, there are so many conflicting views!  I do not believe anything Fauci says.  His views seem to change depending on who he is talking to.  The left is out to scare us to death & are only concerned with their power & control over us.

Yes & no. I think it could be all of the above you listed. Definitely politicized



No I don't think it is a hoax because it has made many people very sick plus the numerous ones that have died.  I truly wonder if this was done by the Chinese to really damage the United Stsates and many other countries.  Sure would be nice to have some real answers.


I believe the virus is real. Overblown? Yes, in that it has been taken advantage of by the left and has become a political vise rather than a health issue. I have lived with a compromised immune system for over 30 years from a liver transplant. By all means, I should have been gone long ago. If the claim that all of the wearing of masks, and distancing, and confinement are to protect me and others at risk, then where was this concern for all these past years. Should people be required to continue to wear masks to protect me ( and others at risk) from now on so I/we can live longer? Like that will happen!

No, it is not a hoax but way oversold. If one really understands data analysis, C-19 is just a virulent flu with a death rate no greater than a typical seasonal influenza outbreak. Never should have shut down economy over this.




yes because 99.7% of people survive that are living with no preexisting health conditions, and its an excuse to crash the economy





I think COVID is a real virus but is being politicized.   It is being used to control our lives.

Leftist democrats are using the media to make Americans fear each other and the government.  It is an attempt to end our present government and bring a one.    World order.

Hi Noah this is Trish from Toronto, Canada and I read your e-mails daily because I am a huuuuge Trump fan (as are millions of people living in Canada who are Christian's) but not allowed to speak the word of God nor do we have any religious rights....unless we are Muslim....which is the SOLE promoted, observed and financially supported...yes even terrorist this horrendous Trudeau Government.
Anyway, as for covid...I ABSOLUTELY DO believe it's nothing but horse poop! This whole thing is about Government mind control to make the world MORE vulnerable psychologically and emotionally to bring in the NWO...people will believe everything their Governments tell them even if it's a scam! This virus is nothing worse than a FLU BUT the bonus for worldwide Governments is this: peoples' immune systems are being compromised severely because of having to wear these face masks, our bodies aren't being subjected to ANY environmental germs whatsoever PLUS one can use aaaaaall the sanitizer in the world but after only a few times it's stops becoming won't work...also after all this baloney is over and done with and people are MORE sick because of their vulnerable bodies then they will need to pump their bodies full of ANTIBIOTICS which EVERY GOVERNMENT gets a MAJOR kickback on....millions if not ALL of this is COMPLETE emotional, psychological and physical control to help Soros, H Clinton, Obama,  Turdo (idiot Trudeau) and the Agha Khan (head of Islam worldwide AND confidante/VERY close friend of Turdo) make us all weak enough that we won't be able to think for ourselves nor pay attention to the signs that are absolutely out to destroy mankind! This is the book of Revelation in full force right now! Thank GOD Trump is the ONLY leader standing up to this enforcement of evil which is WHY he is hated sooooooooooo much by the other's. This is basically a MAJOR temper tantrum on their part because Trump 'won't give us what we want so we will destroy him' but GOD is his supporter and strength so NOBODY can come against him and he will WIN!


Yes, all to close down the voting booths and get mail in voting so they can cheat Trump


Not a hoax but hyped out of context


Yes, I think so. If it’s not COVID 19 , it would be something else. While the rioting was going on, you heard very little about it, now that it’s calmed down, oh no!!! The cases are increasing!!

Yes and No, I believe the virus is real and can be life threatening to those who have other health problems. However I do not believe it was accidental. I honestly believe it was released on purpose and I think the DemonRats had a hand in it. I firmly believe it was done to destroy the U.S economy and therefore destroy President Trump! The DemonRats know that a thriving economy is pretty much a guaranteed reelection for Trump and they had to do something to keep that from happening. I do not believe the numbers we are seeing are correct but they know if they report the true number of cases and deaths the shutdown will end giving Trump plenty of time to get the economy back up and running better than ever! So they do what they do best, Lie!
Their goal being to keep the Country shutdown as long as possible and then blame Trump for the effects of it.

The virus is real but to shut America down  NO


Not a hoax but a connived action with The Dr. Fu###E, Bill gates and Wuhan lab to witch Gates and Dr. Fu### are members of to control population. NY mayor may be part by putting infected people in nursing homes and the development of all the rioting and summed up to control population . Remember Gates developed vaccine for Africa that also had a sterilization drug in it for population control. So much to digest and think about, just my opinion!

I think it’s a serious disease but grossly magnified, and I believe it’s a continuation of a preconceived endeavor to bring America down, deep state and others unified

Rockerfeller Foundation

Yes.  The death rate is down. They keep going with this narrative.  LA has mask mandate...(I call BS). It will magically disappear on November 4th.

The virus-no, it's real
The reaction (over reaction) -YES! From the beginning we have been subjected to political actions to discredit the President.  Dems lie and twist facts to make it appear the President has been negligent instead of working together for the people.


It's really a disease yes, but very over hyped on its lethality.  Not to mention that it's not killing as many as other diseases that they're not killing our economy for or mandating masks about.   TB is one of them!  It's political theater and testing of the masses on forced compliance.

COVID 19 is real - BUT the hysteria HYPE from the MSM IS nothing but a HOAX !!!!!

Is it real? Yes, i believe so from the deaths that were actually covid, not the pnes labeled as covid even though they died from something else. I believe it was planned by the democrats and China to make Trump look bad and lose re-election. These evil people will stop at nothing to gain control of our country, and not for good reasons. If Trump loses, America loses. Our country as we know it will be gone!

No Covid is not a hoax it is real. The health care workers ca attest to it. I have been asked to pray for numerous people in my church who are or where very sick and hospitalized, some on respirators.


Real but totally overblown by Democrats trying to weaken Trump



Yes. I’m a pharmacist and I think this was done deliberately. The virus was a political weapon. Dems and China who hate our trump behind it. It caused death on purpose. Now we have a handle on it but they won’t let it go.  It goes against all my knowledge of virus. Once COVID hit I treated no one for flu.  We never closed schools for other bad illnesses and there are many. Come November you will never hear of COVID again. Trump will win and it will be on to the next gimmick.


Yes.   It’s a serious Illness, but blown out of proportion to hurt Trump,

No but both liberals and China are responsible to spread it it’s my humble opinion

Yes it’s used as a weapon by the swamp democrats to hurt President Trump. The virus itself is lethal to some, but so is murder! Democrats have stooped to a new low - they’ve become pure EVIL!

Yes having a pair of should have Spanish flu and in second place the Hong Kong flu




Personally,I think Clovis 19, was used to try and take down Trump. It's not working as they planned

Think it is being hyped by dems, media etc to scare everyone into submission. Their submission.

I don’t think it’s a hoax but I do know they have been inflating the numbers from day one. There have been many healthcare workers saying every death is labeled as Covid no matter what. For ex: Two nurses sent in several swabs with nothing on them to see what would happen. Well, you guessed it. They all came back COVID-19. They had nothing on them!! And I do believe there is treatment that they are not using, but it’s not the ventilator. It has been very frustrating because our nation has been shut down and cities being destroyed. It’s hurt so many families, including mine. Too many stories. The dems want to destroy our country. The riots were ok. But going to a funeral was not. Destroying businesses was ok but if you opened your business you were arrested. And on and on. It’s all overwhelming.  Trump needs to win 2020!

It is an attempt to destroy the economy of the world. The bankers are behind it. They will come to the rescue by bailing out bankrupt countries, thus putting them into their debt. These countries will never be able to repay the debt and will remain debt eternally. Jesus angered the money changers and they have never forgotten it.


I think it's there but waaay over blown.



May have been a real, natural virus, but the handling of it has been authoritarian and to the advantage of those who want to gain control of our lives.  There has been an enormous atmosphere of fear created, worldwide, with blame for that going to both the media and politicians.  I am a dual citizen of the U.S. and New Zealand, and my "limited faith" in the media, has reached total disillusionment.

I think Covid 19 started in a lab in China possibly with the help of Bill Gates! So I believe it is real but now it has been blown way out of proportion! Of course all the on Peaceful protesters are responsible thermos spike in cases!

covid is a hoax

I think it's strange that we are being FORCED to wear a mask and I believe we're being played. This started after POTUS' state of the union after Pelosi showed the world her IQ and all her hate and discontent. Fauci is a fraud and I'm glad he was asked to leave. He is the one who OK'd the millions of dollars grant to China to make this virus. People are starting to conform to the rules but alot of us fear that the dems and Soros are trying to subdue us like third world countries. China didn't like Trumps tariffs and wants to take us down. We need to stick together and make sure it doesn't happen. And, I refuse to be injected with an ID chip.


A ton of my privileged, wealthy friends believe that COVID is an AGENDA.  And that it’s time to go back to our businesses.  
They are dumping their houses and leaving Medina, Bridal Trails and their Hunts Points views
because they’ve had enough of this .  This is Anerica‼️‼️‼️  Not some third world joke‼️‼️‼️

I believe the virus is real but, I do not believe the severity of what they are forcing on the American people.  I call bulls#!+  The numbers are inflated.  China is definitely involved and probably had it in their back pockets waiting for the right time to pull out. C-19 has now became a weapon for the Dems to try and steal the election because No one they have can honestly beat Trump.


Yes it is a hoax. Birx and Fauci needs to go?!?! It’s all phony. Masks is needed only and mandatory when one goes to market to prevent sneezing or droplets on food. Aside from that it should be voluntary anywhere anyone goes. Those working in medical field are the ones that need to wear because they are in direct contact with patients and that to keep them from being infected and to prevent spread to patients who are in any doctors offices........ridiculous to required children to wear and aside from that elders could be caused to have difficult breathing because it can be suffocating and breathing our own bad air exhaled. Employees in markets are the ones that need to wear the mask all the time because they are in direct contact toward food that are on display

I think it is real, but greatly blown out of proportion!



I think the virus is real I think the death toll and numbers of sick are highly inflated.

Noah, First Thank You for efforts, its refreshing to read real news and common sense.  As for Covid19, it is REAL as is the seasonal flu which kills thousands every year.  Yes Covid19 may be more contagious and more deadly to those with compromised immune systems. I do believe it was engineered and spread with incredible coincidental pre-election timing. What a better way for the left to chastise our President with blame.  On another subject, is it just me or is anyone else wondering why our president is not capitalizing on Biden's admitted Ukraine with holding of money for dismissal of the DA that was investigating his son's (and his own) corrupt dealings?  We need to impeach Biden, now before the election.  Why isn't anyone talking about it, it is as if it never happened, when it would be a slam dunk for the president, and un-defensible cause for removal of the senile inept sorry excuse for a candidate, even a Democratic candidate.   God Bless You, God Bless President Trump & God Bless America.    Barbara

Yes I do, according to several doctors it’s no worse than other flu viruses we have had in the past, killing millions in the US.

I believe it is a real virus but it has been blown way out of perportion..... Its the democrats way of controlling us

I think its real but not as bad as they claim.Looking at some of the stats it's no worst than the flu when it 1st started.

No, but I think it was created by design to take down our President!

Yes it has been hijacked by the communist democrats trying to ruin the chance of President Trumps re-election



Yes, The world order and liberal masters are using the virus to mostly destroy and dishonor President Trump. Capital Success is an enemy of socialism.  All of the false statements being made create fear. They do not offer real hope. They offer unchallenged submission.

The disease is real and paid for by Soros, Gates and us thru Fauci. It’s way over blown by the Dems to hurt the economy and Trump. Nancy told all the dem governors to keep their states locked down as long as possible. It’ll disappear after the election

It's real just being used as a scare tactic to keep the people in their control

Yes, in a way I do think Covid is a hoax to make Trump look bad. This virus is not as bad as claimed. We've always had & always will have viruses. Can't wait to see what happens after this election.


I believe it is a real thing but way over blown. We should be able to go back to normal life with or without masks

Maryann Grossoi

Pretty much, yeh.

I think they want it to be worse than it is. It is a failed attempt.


Not sure, I believe there is a virus, but I think it’s overblown and a Democrat witch hunt

Yes I do believe it is a HOAX!!!

Yes I believe it is a real virus, but it's a virus that especially engineered to be released to further advance the agenda of the globalists of which Fauci & Gates are both fully a part of.  I believe from the information I researched that this virus has been fully overblown and the numbers adjusted to make it look far worse than it is.  I believe when they try to push this so called vaccine on us all, they will have a rude awakening that the vast majority of people will revolt like this world has never seen & I'm positive there will be blood flowing in the streets of America & it will most likely not be we Patriots blood that flows, it will be those who continue to oppress America at every hand.

Yes - control experiment. People die everyday from viruses and illnesses. Every death is tragic, so t get me wrong but the fear mongering from the MSM is sad and is a tool to control the masses.

Yes to try and damage trumps America

No, I think that it's real, but it has been overrated as its a political year.

While I'm sure COVID-19 is a real virus, I'm also sure the reaction to it is massively over the top and potentially unnecessary.  There are so many reports of people having the virus without even noticing, and Cook County admitted that anyone who dies of anything is tested for COVID, and if they were positive before they died it's listed as a COVID death.  Something's definitely not right here.


I think Covid 19 is a real virus with potentially lethal health impacts to a very, very small percentage (far less than 1% of the population.  I think that the numbers and the medical information we have been provided on it are probably wildly distorted either through sheer medical or administrative ineptitude, or to further political agendas. As a person with a significant science background I am horrified by the amount of fear-pandering created by politicians and the lack of critical thinking skills displayed both by leadership and the American public.


Covid-19 is not a virus but is a covert international destructive world wide political operation started 2019

I think it was real back in Feb., March and maybe April. But flu season is over by May.  I think this is to take down our country for the one world order.  Every thing I have read is Trump is in the way of the happening. Now you can't turn on the TV news and all you hear is that the COV -19 is raging.  Fake news.  Hollywood is promoting this on TV so that is the first clue it's fake.All this testing only proves that you have had a flu shot, a horrible cold in the last 2 - 6 years.  It does mean you have COV-19.  But the numbers are alarming.   I don't listen to the fake news any more. Dr. Fauci is deep state.

I believe there is a virus started by China and the deep state and demonrats but has been blown out of proportion. They're trying to destroy our country and our President. Hope they all rot in hell. !!!!!!

No, I believe it's real but very overblown by the media. I have lost a loved one to this virus in April. Also have multiple family members that have recently tested positive.

I believe there was a sickness unleashed on the world by China & those figures in the one world order like Soros& Clinton’s & many other who want to depopulate. Especially  older Americans. They are already killing babies, now elderly except elderly elite!

Yes, but the numbers are way exaggerated.  The dems are doing everything they can to make us afraid.  They want to destroy America  so they can start the one world order and to do that, they have to get rid of Trump.  So yes, I believe it's real but it shouldn't cause the fear and panic that it has. The masks are worthless and just another freedom taken away.

Of course its a hoax.


Yes, I think it will be over after the election.

Yes it is a HOAX,

No, not a hoax, but an intentionally set fire that was timed to destroy all the great things that were happening in our nation.  This fire was coordinated by Trump-haters and that includes the chi-comm with the financial encouragement of Soros and other liberal backers. As with a devastating forest fire,  as long as there are hot spots, no one/nothing can go back to normal life.  This has the effect of negating all the positive accomplishments of the President and making re-election more difficult.  The continued political impact is the hoax.

The disease is real, but way out of alignment to shut down the USA.  Be careful with the old (over 70) and those who have immunity problems or Pneumonia problems (COPD).  The CDC and the left, including the media need to stop their scare tactics and deliver the real numbers and not the lies they've been showing us.

Instead of dropping a bomb on us, China gave us this virus.

No i do think it is over blown.  China sent it and dem are running with it . Trying to keep every thing shut down.  We need to totaly open up America

I believe Covid virus is real but making it a pandemic is not right. We have had many
Viruses and likely we will have  more but after a
Vaccine  this too will go away. Just goes to show how are media can make us all Crazy! Don’t know what to believe.

I don't think it is as bad as they want us to think. Way the counts are done, I can die in a car wreck and they will count me as a covid death. No worse then the flu we get every year.

Covid is a manufactured virus from China. They released it on protesters. Then they deliberately let it spread. Gates, Fauci, the Clintons and the Communists. They are in collusion with the evil left to take down America because of Trump.

No. COVID 19 is not a hoax, it's real but the reaction and misleading mortality status and fear mongering on the part  of the radical left has created a horror story more befitting of Bela Lugosi movies.

I believe it is a true disease purposely spread to the United States and around the the world for political agendas and China control. I believe there are a lot of politicians involved including do nothing Republicans , Dr Fauci, Bill Gates and many Dems. But God is bigger and in control. Trump 2020😊❣

Yes it is a hoax, the flu virus of any strain can be dangerous to those with health related issues. More die from cancer & other illnesses & NO ONE has ever given this much attention. It is a national disgrace & I am so sadden by all the people who have bought into the fear.  The disgrace of the numbers exploited, the outright lies by the media & the personal financial gain by Dr Fauci & others.  How to bring them down & set this country right.

I think there really is a virus. However, I believe it was brought to the us to deliberately further the agenda of the Deep State and the far left.  They have a fear of President Trump being reelected and finally unmasking them for what they are. I also believe China was a partner in trying to  destroy us. I strongly believe they do not report accurate covid numbers nor covid deaths. They have tried and achieved to. some degree to raise the level of fear to a ridiculous level. We must protect our health but we must not accept being dictated to  . We must continue to open our country and pray for deliverance from this by God.

It was very strong when it came in January February even March but now it’s being used for political and controlling people


No I don’t think Covid is a hoax.  I tested positive. I’ve been in bed for over three weeks   I do think it’s over blown. And we are being misled.

It my be real but not as bad as they say. It’s to control the people


I believe it's a real virus that was intentionally Unleashed by China but I also believe that there were people in the United States government like the Deep State and some high-ranking "DEMON-CRATS" that were working in concert with the Communist Chinese party to unleash the coronavirus on the whole world. Additionally it was totally unbelievably aggressively hyped up by the mainstream media especially in the United States of America that created undo Hysteria and panic in the public. Bottom line let's face it this was all about another way of making President Donald J Trump look bad I try to undermine his presidency the Deep State, the New World Order, the mainstream media and the demon-crats, all working in concert to destroy TRUMP!


Yes it IS a hoax.  It is election year tactics aimed at doing what the treasonous bastards started in2016...Try to bring down my President.

I believe there is a virus, but I donot believe it warrants closing this country down. I think the Democrats and China is behind it.
Everyone knows that the democrats only care about theirselves.

overblown reaction. Will be gone when Trump wins

I think it's a false flag event.
Just like their other false flags, there is usually collateral damage, in the words of Pelosi.
It is real but the mask wearing is a test to see if we will comply.
They also want to take away our right to pursuit of happiness and religion.

I believe people are getting sick and some actually die due to preexisting health issues, But I believe all of this has been blown way out of proportion and is politically driven. Society is being manipulated through fear by the media. Please get to the bottom of this so we can all have our lives back!


Yes, its just another plot to hurt Trump from fixing the economy!!!!!!!!!

Not exactly! It’s a real virus which causes real sickness and death!  But it was  invented by China and launched upon the world!



I believe China with our democrats help created the virus to try to keep trump from being reelected.  I also believe they want us to belueve it is a lot worse than it is so we will stay home and the government can control ys.  The dems want to turn America into a communism country!!

I truly believe it was brought into our country by the unhinged Dems.

Covid-19 is a test of our national response to a healthcare emergency. It has clearly shown that our president is a poor leader, our Healthcare System is not prepared to give good service to everybody, and we are easily distracted and divisible as a nation.

Yes, I believe it's a hoax.  I think it was just a bad flu that got blown all out of proportion to scare us into becoming a bunch of sheeple.  It was a test to see exactly how much they could push everyone into blindly follow outrageous instructions.  Well, I know that I have not put on a mask since this whole thing started and I am right there in the prime age group they said is most susceptable to die from it.  I have been to Walmart, no mask, to the grocery store, no mask, to CVS to get medications that I take, no mask.  I have not come down with even a sniffle and neither has my significant other.  He was the first of the 2 of us to say it was a hoax.  But now, tomorrow if I go any where, I have to wear a mask, ordered by the Mayor of our county.  We have to wear a mask from 7/13/2020 to 8/12/2020 if we go outside our home.

I think covid is worse than a usual virus for those individuals with compromised immune systems but other than that it has been used to control us and destroy our economy to make our president look bad and not get reelected.

No. I think it's really a disease made by China to rid the world of the elderly and sick, to cause havoc on the economies and to help promote communism.

Yes!!!!!! Masks are to control us! Shut up and obey... not about safety,  only compliance!

I think it is a flu that has turned into an overblown hoax. Stats are being padded to try and stretch the hoax out and the shutdown until November so we have to vote by mail. They will have to cheat in order to win the election against Trump. This is a pandemic that wasn't.




I believe the virus “was” real. I believe people died, but people die every year from the flu. I am convinced the numbers were padded and still to this day are being padded. I am a 75 year old retired woman in Florida. I have NEVER worn a mask, I don’t plan to wear a mask unless I’m forced to. I’ve been out to eat, I’ve been to church and hugged my friends, I’ve been bowling, and I feel great. I believe the media is being run by the Left and being told to keep up the fear mongering, and I’m sure it’s because it’s an election year. Bottom line, if Donald J. Trump was not President, you wouldn’t be hearing anymore about COVID-19! And that’s my opinion!

Deep state op

Yes, I think Covid-19 is a hoax.

Hoax by China 100%

No but it has been blown out of proportion. Many falsehoods and inflated numbers on infections and deaths. I never believed Dr. Fauci because he is part of the deep state. I listen to other medical specialists that have no agenda. This virus will end as they all do. We are still doing better than many countries thanks to our President.



No, I think it’s China way of getting back at us.

Think it partially a hoax and hyped up worse than it really is in reality. But the Dems and Leftists are using the virus as a political weapon to turn public opinion against the President to defeat him in Nov. Can’t help but believe Fauci is a chief instigator, don’t believe more than half of what he says!

Think the virus exist, but has been blown all out of proportion by the democrats to take down the economy and hurt trump in the election. I also believe they are using it to measure how easy it would be to take ALL our freedoms by taking just a few now. If we accept all of this we are doomed. I am 80 years old and have Advanced COPD and congestive heart failure. I can't and I refuse to wear a mask. I firmly believe that when God decides to take me home wearing 10 mask won't stop Him. Therefore I walk in faith not fear. Fear is a terrible thing and the Democrats are using it in a terrible way. If everyone would put on a TRUMP 2020 mask, I believe the dems would decide we don't need amsk.


I think the virus is real but no worse than getting the flu. Many people die from the flu every year but it doesn’t shut down the world. I also believe that this is another way to take away our freedom and sink us, the USA, into communism.

No I believe China and the demo rats made this virus it was designed to kill senior citizens that would be people who support Republicans but it got away from them



I know the virus is out there but they are blowing it out of proportion just so they can scare the crap out of them. Just like the flu we have to take precautions to keep ourselves healthy but shutting everything done etc. is ridiculous. I believe they are lying about the number of cases that there actually are.
I just watched a YouTube interview with a Doctor Richard P Bartlett, MD. Please watch this as he has treated many COVID patients with success using an breathing apparatus with a steroid in it. You need to watch it. It is So Informational.
God Bless President Trump and God Bless America, Home of the Free Because of the Brave!!!!🙏💕🇺🇸


Yes it's been around for Years. The Democrats are using it to kill as many people as they can. Call OSHA!

I think there is a virus but very hyped up, very overblown.


I have done a fair share of research. The Chinese were working on bat viruses as far back as 2012. They have been working specifically with the transmission of bat viruses to humans. The Chinese scientist that leads the study is referred to as "the bat lady". The spin coming from the media is it was an accidental release. Maybe...or on purpose. The timing of it suspicious, as well. Do I believe the Chinese /Democrats are capable of something like creating a pandemic. YES. The virus is definitely real, no question. I just believe it was created in a lab with the intent of doing just what it is doing. The Dems grabbed the Covid ball & are running with it, to serve their own purposes. Will they get to the end zone? Not as long as Trump is on the field! 😀

Covid is over blown flu

Real but overblown, put out there for an agenda! Not sure what yet, but I think it was defiantly for the purpose of making sure trump doesn’t win! I’m in Australia, but I love Trump!! We are counting on him!


I don't consider it a hoax but it has been blown way out of proportion. It's a democrat/Soros bought and paid for problem. The lies about this virus are rampant and the numbers are probably 8-10 times more than the truth. None of this would have happened if this had not been an election year. We have had others in the past that were as bad and killed as many or more than this one and never have we had this hoopla before. I know I'm a nurse and have worked through most of them.

No it’s not a hoax. Yes it’s not what it’s been made to look like.


No I think it’s real but I truly think it’s way overblown to hurt Trump! My bf had an accident , went to the hospital and before he could have surgery he had to be tested for COVID-19. Of course it was positive. So all the family and I went to be tested. Three days later all tests were negative! So I suggested to his son he make them test him again. This time it was negative. But he had to get a 2nd negative test. They waited for at least 7 days maybe longer, did the test again Negative. He never had it!



I think the virus is real however, I believe the response has been overblown. I think the published numbers are inflated, there are many false positives, double/triple counting and Dem leaders response has been overblown to simply tank the economy. The initial response was warranted since we didn’t know what we were dealing with. Now though, it’s nothing but political. I could go on and on. My liberal friends are terrified to go to the grocery store. Told them I’m not going to live in fear. Oh, Fauci needs to GO!

Not sure, but I strongly believe the numbers are inflated

I think it's vastly overblown; a molehill hyped into a mountain just like the idea that police are out to kill black people. Pure propaganda based upon an Obama "smidgen" of truth.

Yes for the most part. I know there have been deaths but there are deaths from the flu and no shutdown of our economy.  Dems and the MSM that they own are fear mongering to hurt the economy as much as possible and to further their push for mail in voting. They will cheat steal and kill to take this country.  They no longer even try to hide - Covid no issue for rioters but issue for Trump rallies, working to provide for your family,  worship ....

Yes a hoax. I do not know anyone that has COVID or died from it. I know people that thought they had it but their test came back negative. If it’s real the media has overblown it so bad and scared the hell out of everyone and should be held accountable

Hoax from Democratic China funny Old Pelosi or those older peeps never get sick or Obama's family. I think its being purposely being spred thru possibly mosquito city spray or thru tap water. Its a PANIC that won't end till NOV. If Dems win if not our Republican party will have to go thru another made up bullshit of a crisis!

No this is a real disease, but a manufactured one, Biological Warfare!!

Yes!! Democrats and China!!!!!

It is real to some extent.  Clinton’s, Obama,Soros, Fauchi, Gates and agenda 2030 and id2020 at work.  Glad Das Noble is over Texas contract tracing( guess Chelsea Clinton fired him from the New York office)? Gates vaccinations patent #6060690.  We need to stop this madness.

The Press Democrat is broadcasting that their 14th person IN THE COUNTY OF 494,000 people died of covid ( a death rate of .00002%)  They would rather spread fear than reassure we can beat this with careful management, reasonable protection, treatments, healthy lifestyle and common sense.

Yes!  The Democrats and China are behind this entire scenario!  I believe Trump thinks the same thing!  It is time to call their bluff!


I am in the county where it first arrived about 7 miles from Hosp he went to, and the I am in the city that preschool Child was found to have about 1 week later. I am diabetic, high BP, High cholesterol, 5 strokes, A Fib. That I just had fixed with cauterization. I had just started riding the bus, couldn’t afford car ins. anymore. That was Jan 15 he arrived in Hosp. I heard about it on the 19th, on 21st I rode the bus. I go to store 1 or 2 x’s a week. Have never worn a mask. Can’t deviated septum and good side of nose plugged 98% of time, allergies. Yes 🤣🤣 I was a mouth breather until 2 weeks ago. Fixed with Patriot Health Alliance Products, I was breathing better 1st day On just the Power greens, I got some other things too shortly there after. I get nothing but  dirty looks around here, due to the wear a mask show you care, surrounded by left wing nuts has not been easy. Wa State has divided us severely and I would never be tested here with their faulty tests. They even have containment centers to separate children from parents, I mean this is really jacked up! I have not been sick at all! This has been a fear porn situation. I think it’s real, less deadly than flu, pneumonia which is just as deadly to the elderly. We just had more nursing home deaths up north. Why? The first round of fear porn didn’t work and Jay Inslee is a Snake POS! Proofs in the pudding.

It is real, it is overblown and yes
it is a deep state
Demoncratic agenda.

Yes it may have been planned by the Democrats

Real, but overblown

YES.  everything points to it.

I think there are 2 things going on.  Work on corona viruses was funded by Fauci in US. When that research was banned, it was transferred to Wuhan to be potentiated to infect humans. It was released from the lab there. Gates paid WHO, Fauci, various Health agencies and some here in the UK to roll out his vaccine agenda. They made out Covid 19  (which is not as virulent as some bad flu strains,) into a plandemic. I don't really believe in it anymore. This was to push a vaccine with nanotechnology to control the masses and usher in a NWO. The number of people dying from Covid were heavily massaged. Everything went down as Covid even though the virus has never been isolated and the tests are useless. The real figures and data were being released which showed the numbers were tiny and didn't justify shutting everything down. However I think POTUS used the elite's plan against them to keep people safe whilst the swamp is being drained.
The Covid nonsense needs to stop now because it is not backed by most doctors or science and MSM needs to stop its propaganda too. So a more complicated scenario than a simple yes or no!

The virus is real enough, but the left is using it to frighten and control people.

Yes or at least is not nearly as bad as the hype is making it out to be

I think it was over blown! Big bucks (Soros, etc) China knew what they were doing. But we stopped the spread by closing borders. Problem some states did not count deaths correctly, so numbers why over blown. Several reasons, New York, Pennsylvania, etc.

It's overblown!


No!  When you know people who have died from this it becomes real, not just numbers reported on TV.


I don’t think it is a hoax, but has been vastly overblown by the mainstream media to suit their own goals - lockdowns so people can’t congregate together, stalling our booming economy, etc.  Unfortunately, I think this has been a huge success for them, forecasting untold horrors for the future of our great nation!


No, not a hoax, but I believe the severity of it is being wildly exaggerated. The media makes such a huge deal out of how many positive cases there are every day, but they rarely explain that the vast majority of those who test positive are not really that sick, or are just mildly ill. They never tell you “the rest of the story.”

No, real virus, but overblown !!!!

I think it’s real, but it’s been blowed up

I say yes it’s a hoax! They keep wanting to scare the people and try to keep the states shut down to keep President Trump from winning the election!! They will fail at this like everything else they throw at him! God Bless President Trump!

Yes!! The virus is real but it is being used as a political ploy! The #'s have been Greatly exaggerated and people have been diagnosed positive for the virus without even having the test. Corruption galore!!


Yes. It was just the next crisis to take peoples minds off how well the country was moving


I think it is blown way out of proportion!
Just another tactic to Try and get rid of President Trump.

No, I do not. Too many people have gotten sick and died. It's real and China is to blame.

To a existent it has been blown way out of portion 🤙🏻


I don't believe in it, myself!


No. I believe that we need to take precautions...wear distance... etc.
I also believe that we can do this.
The biggest disservice to the American people has been the spread due to the continuous protests.
If there are going to be restrictions put in place it needs to be for all people not excluding protesters.
DeBalsio has picked a side...not a city and he needs to resign.


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