Updated Response To Pastor Dana Coverstone "Three Prophetic Dreams" with Traumatic Future For Trump

Updated Response To Pastor Dana Coverstone “Three Prophetic Dreams” with Traumatic Future For Trump

Have you seen Pastor Dana Coverstone's video on YouTube about his three prophetic dreams?

Most probably have by now, it's well over a million videws.  

He's a Pastor from Kentucky who seems like a really good guy, a genuine guy.

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He posted this video describing three prophetic dreams he had recently and let's just say the immediate future is NOT good.

Now here's the deal….

This is also in line with what some other prophets have been posting.

Charlie Shamp, for example, said at the end of 2019 that he had a vision of D.C. burning in 2020.  Riots in the streets.  The biggest riot D.C. has ever seen.

But not necessarily in line with what some other prophets have been saying like Kim Clement and Mark Taylor the firefighter prophet.

So….what to make of it?

Well, first let's make sure everyone knows what he said.  

he specifically says it was November and D.C. was on fire (with Russian and Chinese soldiers present) and President Trump was no where to be found.

Where is Trump?




Ok, if  you haven't seen it yet watch here….and if you have then scroll down for my thoughts and more responses from the prophetic community.

Here is one response that I thought was really good.

You might have seen this before.

If so, keep scrolling down for more.....

Ok, so now I want to talk about some responses I heard from all of you!

Because I thought these were really good.

One person suggested that maybe this is a sneak peak of what it looks like if Trump is NOT re-elected.

A warning.

Since Trump was nowhere to be found in the vision, maybe it's not so much predicting the future as giving a warning of what would happen if he doesn't win.

I really like that view and I think it's solid!

Another person said what if this is November 2024, and not November 2020. 

A very interesting idea!

Similar to the first concept, it's warning what happens when Trump is out.

That also makes a lot of sense.

A third reader had something brilliant I had never even thought of.....what happens if Trump is gone and all this chaos is happening because we're all gone!

As in, no longer on this Earth!


My mind was blown when I heard that one but it could most definitely be true!

Trump is no longer here to restrain the evil. 

All of us regular Christians are also gone and not restraining evil.  

And if the Christians are gone, then the Holy Spirit living in Christians is gone and the restraint has been lifted.

Makes a LOT of sense!

Kudos to everyone who sent me ideas, especially these three, I thought they were wonderful!

Ok, now I want to show you two more videos....

A LOT of you told me to watch Lance Wallnau's response.

So I did.

And it was great.

So I give it to you here to watch if you haven't seen it:

And last up I bring you a really awesome reply by a Spirit-filled preacher from Iowa, Pastor Dave Olson.

This guy is 🔥!

You want to start this video at about 1:09:00 to get right to where his message starts.

Please enjoy:

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