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Neocons For Biden? Former GW Bush Officials Launch PAC Supporting Joe Biden

The swamp unites to take on their biggest threat, President Donald J Trump.


If there wasn’t enough proof that the swamp stands against Donald J. Trump, well this should put an end to any doubts. 

NPR reports on the new effort called “43 Alumni for Biden” in unseating President Trump:

A group of former George W. Bush administration officials has pledged to “engage and mobilize disenchanted GOP voters” through a new super PAC formed to elect Joe Biden to the White House.

The group — 43 Alumni for Biden, a reference to Bush, the 43rd president — described its formation as an effort to restore “the principles of unity, tolerance and compassion to the greatest elected office in the world.”

“For four years, we have watched with grave concern as the party we loved has morphed into a cult of personality that little resembles the party of Lincoln and Reagan,” said Karen Kirksey, the group’s director.

“We endorse Joe Biden not necessarily in full support of his political agenda but rather in full agreement with the urgent need to restore the soul of this nation. Once elected, we look forward to working in a bipartisan way through civil, spirited debate on the many important issues facing Americans today and for decades to come.”

The group, consisting of hundreds of former Bush officials, is the latest effort by establishment Republicans to reject the leadership of President Trump, who sailed to the presidency in the 2016 election on a blistering, divisive campaign centered on nationalism and a rejection of the politically correct.”

Sane like rambling and stuttering through routine question & answer sessions?

And humane like supporting segregation...or maybe you mean telling conservative African-American that they aren't black.  

"Take a look at (his) record, man."

We have, and it's disturbing. 

Reporting from The Hill, expands further on the new Biden PAC's mission:

Hundreds of former members of the George W. Bush administration have formed a super PAC to support former Vice President Joe Biden, saying they are alarmed by President Trump’s conduct in office.

The group, dubbed 43 Alumni for Joe Biden, officially launched Wednesday. The group includes former Cabinet officials and other senior administration members who say they think the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee can “restore dignity” to the White House.

“We’re looking for the largest conglomerate of folks who want to help, whether it’s writing a check, making phone calls, helping to get out the vote, basic campaign 101. We just feel the time now is to restore dignity to the White House, and the current gentleman is not, so that’s why we’re supporting Joe Biden,” said Jennifer Millikin, a committee member of the group who served in the General Services Administration under Bush and the Small Business Administration under Trump.

Members of the group began reaching out to other alumni early last month and saw a quick response among former staffers who were uncomfortable with the Trump administration. The super PAC intends to make public some of its high-profile members in the coming weeks.

“We’ve only been active since June 2, so less than a month, and we have hundreds of former W alumni that are living nationwide and have worked at every single agency including the White House when we were there,” Millikin said in an interview.

“The one common theme between us all is that we understand what it was like working for an administration. We know right now it’s not like that,” she added."

I hear you, Jennifer. 

You know what it's like to work in an "administration:" Leading the nation into two protracted wars, the 2nd of which based on made up intelligence, economic disaster, open borders, and reduced civil liberties. 

You're right, this President isn't that. 

Maybe this is why Dubya's lackeys are turning their back on the President:

Or this:

Or maybe it's simply because Donald Trump has been given a mandate by the American people to destroy the legacies of people like Biden, Obama, & Bush. 

You see, the snakes in the swamp don't want the America that Donald Trump is fighting for. 

An America that is independent, prosperous, peaceful.

They won't an America for sale to the highest bidder, a military spilling its blood across the globe for foreign and private interests, and an America where the citizen has been conqured by its elected official. 

They want a sleeping, blinded, weak America that they can continue to suck the blood out of. 

43 Alumni for Biden....he can keep 'em.


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