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Trump Strong Against Vote-By-Mail: “We’re Suing, and We’re Filing Another Big Lawsuit”


President Trump is standing strong against vote-by-mail efforts by Democrats in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

While Democrats and the media have encouraged people to protest in the streets, they claim that it's too dangerous to leave your home to vote in person.

Instead of in-person voting with required voter ID, Democrats want to push vote by mail.

But President Trump is not having any of it.

"This will be a rigged election if they're allowed to do it," President Trump has warned.

Of course, with Trump, it's not just words. He has followed through with bold action to stop these vote by mail efforts. 

"We're suing, and we're filing another big lawsuit," Trump declared.

The current frontlines of this battle are happening California, where Governor Gavin Newsom ordered that mail-in ballots be delivered to people living in the state.

More details on this developing controversy below:

After 3 years of investigating alleged Trump-Russia collusion, you'd think the Democrats would want to minimize any risk of voter fraud.

Mail-in-ballots are directly linked to ballot harvesting efforts and have had documented instances of fraud in the past.

The Washington Examiner has more on the mail-in voting efforts in California as well as President Trump's strong response:

President Trump plans to file a new lawsuit against voting by mail, which he said could allow Democrats to cheat in the upcoming elections.

In an interview Monday, Trump told conservative talk show host Michael Savage, "We're suing, and we're filing another big lawsuit, I think, on Friday, and I think we have a good case."

The Republican National Committee sued to halt vote-by-mail efforts in California after Gov. Gavin Newsom in May signed an executive order to allow expanded absentee and mail-in voting during the coronavirus pandemic. A judge on Friday temporarily blocked the order, which directed the state to send mail-in ballots to all registered voters.

On Monday, Trump floated the possibility that Democrats may try to swing the election by failing to send conservatives vote-by-mail ballots.

Gov. Newsom "announced that he's sending out millions and millions of mail-in ballots. You say, 'Who are they sending these to?' Maybe people who are, let's say, in a Republican district, and maybe those ballots, don't get sent there," Trump said. "This is the craziest thing. This will be a rigged election if they are allowed to do it."

Trump continued: "I think that's the one of the biggest risks I have. And the biggest risk, frankly, that the Republican Party has is mail-in ballots. It's a very big risk."

Trump described some circumstances under which ballot fraud could occur. "They hold up mailmen," Trump said, "they take them out of mailboxes, they print them fraudulently."

One of the easiest ways to prevent voter fraud is to facilitate in-person voting and require voter ID.

However, Democrats have rejected this method, claiming that it is somehow "racist" and impacts minority communities.

The reality is that in-person voting with voter ID ensures that only qualified people are allowed to vote in our elections!

The White House has not given more information on the upcoming lawsuits against mail-in voting.

Breitbart reports that President Trump previewed the upcoming lawsuits on nationally syndicated radio show Michael Savage:

President Donald Trump on Monday previewed a lawsuit against state governments for pushing vote by mail in the 2020 election.

“Well we’re suing, and we’re filing another big lawsuit – I think on Friday – and I think we have a good case,” Trump said in an interview with radio host Michael Savage when asked about the issue.

The Trump campaign did not respond to a request for comment on the president’s remarks.

Competitive states such as Pennsylvania, Iowa, Indiana, and New Mexico,extended their vote by mail options ahead of the 2020 election after prominent Democrats argued that it was an essential step in the wake of the coronavirus. But Republicans, including President Trump, warned that it would only lead to widespread voter fraud.

“This is the craziest thing, this will be a rigged election if they are allowed to do it,” Trump said to Savage. “The chance of theft, where they steal them, they hold up mailmen, they take them out of mailboxes, they print them fraudulently,”

There are well-documented cases of people who have died still being on voter rolls and voting.

There are other cases where cities cast more votes than their total population.

It's time to ensure that our elections are won fair and square, and that's exactly what President Trump wants to do!


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