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CHOP: Radical CHAZ Residents Now Chanting About The Guillotine


The media calls them "peaceful protesters," right?

Well… now these so-called peaceful protesters are chanting about the guillotine.

As if creating their own autonomous zone wasn't enough, a far left speaker in CHAZ declared, "It's not CHAZ, it is CHOP!"

His declaration was met with cheers and approval from the listening crowd.

The crowd began yelling "Chopped! Chopped! Chopped!" at the top of their lungs.

The reference, of course, was being made to people who resisted the French Revolution. Those who resisted the violence were brought to the guillotine.

We don't know about you… but that certainly does NOT sound peaceful to us.

See the disturbing video that has come out from CHAZ (or is it CHOP?) below:

Defenders in the media and Democrat party attempt to paint CHAZ as a peaceful "summer of love," as the mayor suggested.

But the rhetoric from these radicals suggests they want anything but peace.

The Blaze has more details from the message the "citizens" of CHAZ / CHOP want to send:

Apparently unsatisfied with being allowed to create their own autonomous zone around the Seattle police department's abandoned East Precinct, far-left protesters on Sunday night made their way over to the police department's West Precinct, where they chanted and made speeches, the Seattle Times reported.

"It is not CHAZ, it is CHOP!" one speaker barked into a megaphone, a reference to the previous acronym of the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, which apparently is now known as the Capitol Hill Organized Protest, the paper said.

Then the speaker reminded his comrades of deadly retribution delivered amid a well-known historical revolt.

"Has anybody here ever heard of the French Revolution before?" he asked before noting it began "because people started putting property over lives! They started putting money over people! Does anybody here know what happened to the people who did not get on board with the French Revolution?"

"Chopped!" the crowd shouted back several times.

"That is the message we need to send! We are serious! This is not a joke!" the speaker continued. "I'm tired of seeing my people be genocided by every definition of the word."

Despite numerous reports of rapes, robberies, and examples of threatening, lawless behavior inside the autonomous zone, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan and Washington Gov. Jay Inslee — both far-left Democrats — have insisted the protesters are peaceful.

"Peaceful protests are fundamentally American," Inslee tweeted recently, "and I am hopeful there will be a peaceful resolution."

Durkan raved about the autonomous zone's "block party atmosphere" and predicted it could usher in a "Summer of Love."

She also said the area "is not a lawless wasteland of anarchist insurrection — it is a peaceful expression of our community's collective grief and their desire to build a better world."

How is this supposed to bring unity to America?

The media likes to portray Trump as a divisive figure, but the reality is that far left radicals are the ones who are attempting to undermine unity.

The French Revolution is one of the bloodiest moments in all of world history.

Guy Benson, a talk show host, explained to his Fox News radio audience exactly how radical this rhetoric is becoming:

Let's rewind a little bit. He said, has anyone heard of the French Revolution? Here's some here's some wooing like the white girl woo at a concert. 

Woo! Woo!

It's like if the musician on stage mentions your home city. Anyone here from. Fill in the blank. Anyone here from Omaha? Whew! 

Except this is about the French Revolution. Were they beheaded people? It was just a bloodbath in France. So he said yes. Back then, people put property and greed over the importance of lives and you know what happened to people who wouldn't get on board? 

And a few people said "Chop!" 

He says, Say it louder. They chant, "Chop!" 

He said, one more time, louder, even louder. Chop. They're talking about the guillotine, they're talking about beheading people. This is super radical rhetoric and he's saying we're serious about this. 

That's the message, we're not going anywhere. And I think that there's a bit of a problem, at least some concern when you have a movement that is waxing nostalgic and sort of romanticizing the French Revolution, which was a lawless, as I said, a blood bath.

The media is refusing to report the truth of what is happening in CHAZ / CHOP. 

While many people are familiar with the fact that an "autonomous zone" has been set up, few are fully aware of the situation on the ground.

These are people who don't appear to care at all about George Floyd's death.

Instead, they appear more interested in the destruction of American society.

View some insightful commentary from political YouTuber Daniel Lee below:

People might not be taking the situation in CHAZ seriously, but if left unchecked, this kind of radical rhetoric could quickly become mainstream.

Radicals attempted to created autonomous zones in Asheville, North Carolina and in Nashville, Tennessee.

Fortunately, the local law enforcement quickly stepped in and was able to peaceful end those efforts.

American Thinker explains how the liberal media is "protecting" CHAZ with their biased coverage:

It is all too easy to laugh off the insurrectionists who have grabbed a few blocks of Seattle's Capitol Hill, built border walls, and declared it an "Autonomous Zone" (CHAZ), now re-branded by at least some there as an "Organized Protest" (CHOP).  Such coverage as the MSM have offered picked up on Seattle's Mayor Jenny Durkan's view, who likened it to a "block party" and predicted "a summer of love."  

A cottage industry of progressive media outlets targets Fox News, the only major national outlet that offers extensive coverage, for scorn, and scoffs at the notion that there is anything to worry about.  

Eric Scigliano in Politico, for instance:

"Over the course of two evenings and an afternoon in the zone (plus a night observing a police/protest showdown there the week before), it seemed by turns like a commune (as in Paris 1871), an anarcho-syndicalist and small-L libertarian dream, a '60s-style teach-in, a street fair and street market, a campout and weekend party, a poetry slam and pilgrimage, a school service day, a mass healing circle, a humbler urban version of Burning Man, and of course a protest rally.

You'd hardly guess all that from the breathless attention Fox has lavished from Day One on this tiny strip of Seattle."

For now, aside from reports of shakedowns of merchants and sporadic violence, the atmosphere seems mostly calm, even festive.  Requests for donations of supplies demonstrate that this enclave is far from autonomous and depends on handouts from the society against which it rebels.

But it's worth taking seriously the revolutionary dynamic that operates when radicals declare the old laws and norms inoperative and proceed to implement their ad hoc version of utopia.  Guy Benson yesterday pointed to a sign that I take very seriously:

"They're chanting about beheading people who don't get with the ideological program, in the tradition of the blood-drenched French revolution? This "festive block party" is pretty dark, man."

This November, the choice in presidential candidates couldn't be any clearer.

There's Sleepy Joe, who attempts to the worst instincts of his party.

And then there's President Trump, who represents law and order to protect ALL American citizens.

The choice is yours!


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