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UPDATE: Trump Tulsa Rally Now Exceeds 1 MILLION Tickets; Line Started Tuesday Morning for Saturday Rally


Tulsa, Oklahoma is the reason the media is trying to bring down President Trump.

In less than a week, over 1 MILLION tickets have been reserved for President Trump's first MAGA rally since COVID-19 swept the nation.

This is easily the most highly anticipated political campaign rally… of ALL TIME.

Again… let's put this into perspective.

1 MILLION tickets have been reserved… for a stadium that seats 19,000… in a city with a population of only 400,000.

The excitement behind President Trump's re-election campaign has never been higher!

This is exactly why the media is attempting to portray a picture of doom and gloom for Trump.

They want to depress voter turnout, but the reality is that Americans are even more excited to vote for Trump in 2020 than in 2016.

Tulsa is the ultimate proof of this!

More details on this HUGE development below:

Indeed, this is the biggest rally sign-up of all time!

This is also huge news for the campaign.

The campaign collects attendee data, including party affiliation.

With voter permission, the campaign is able to use the data they collect to mobilize voters on election day.

This is why rallies are so important!

And you can rest assured that if someone is willing to spend days waiting to get into a MAGA rally, they can wait a few minutes to cast a vote in person on election day!

The local Tulsa ABC affiliate confirms that 1 million tickets have been reserved:

Brad Parscale, President Donald Trump's campaign manager, tweeted Monday that they've had more than 1 million ticket requests for the rally this weekend in Tulsa.

The rally was initially scheduled for Friday, June 19, but was rescheduled to Saturday, June 20, to honor Juneteenth.

In three days, ticket requests went from 300,000 to 1 million.

Saturday's rally will be held at the BOK Center in downtown Tulsa.

According to the BOK Center's website, the venue has a capacity of 20,000 people for events.

For those who can't make it inside the venue, it is likely that the campaign will livestream the speech outside.

If it's safe for people to protest in the streets, then its safe for people to watch a Trump speech in a parking lot!

Furthermore, the campaign is taking precautions such as temperature checks, hand sanitizer, and masks to keep the people inside safe!

The excitement is so big that the line is already forming to get inside.

It's Tuesday.

The rally is Saturday!

People are willing to camp out the rest of the week just to ensure they can get inside the venue to support President Trump.


Talk about dedication!

KFOR News confirms that the line is already growing:

President Trump’s weekend campaign trip to Tulsa is full speed ahead despite several warnings from top state health officials.

A line of supporters are preparing to camp out for a week just to be first in line.

The president tweeted Monday “1 million people have requested tickets.”

“We’ve never had an empty seat and we certainly won’t in Oklahoma,” President Trump said.

The BOK Center holds around 20,000 people, and now, the Cox Business Convention Center is reserved for overflow as well.

“We have to get out and communicate with one another and create business,” Oklahoma GOP Chairman David McLain said. “We are thankful we have a governor who understands that as per the data driven guidelines coming from the health department.”


According to President Trump’s campaign manager, each guest will have their temperature checked, receive hand sanitizer, and masks.

“All of us are adults,” McLain said. “People can manage themselves when to have their masks on and when to take it off.”

Guests also have a to sign a liability waiver reading, “If you contract coronavirus you cannot sue the Trump administration or the BOK Center.”

OKC attorney Ed Blau tells KFOR proving your sickness came from the rally would be extremely difficult.

“The waiver is so broad and so poorly written it gives them something to hang their hat but if it came down to it a judge, it would not uphold it as a valid waiver,” Ed Blau said.

President Trump needs our support now more than ever!

He's being hammered unfairly on the left for everything.

From COVID-19 to George Floyd, far left radicals are using every tool at their disposal to attempt to bring down President Trump.

But if the excitement over Saturday's Tulsa rally has anything to say about it, the American people standly firmly with Trump!



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