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Protesters Can Only Watch on Sidelines As Police Tear Down “Autonomous Zone” in North Carolina


After far left protesters in Seattle set up CHAZ, the City Hall Autonomous Zone, there were fears that other "autonomous zones" would pop up across the nation.

And they did…

But law enforcement in places like North Carolina are actually doing something about it.

Unlike Seattle, which is currently letting CHAZ behave unchecked, North Carolina police dismantled the autonomous zone immediately.

Protesters were unable to fight back.

They could only watch on the sidelines as a strong police presence tore down their autonomous zone.

See some of the videos from the ground!

A similar attempt happened in Nashville, TN, but Governor Bill Lee announced that the state would not tolerate an "autonomous zone."

Police peacefully tore down any efforts to create such a zone immediately.

Critics argue that these so-called autonomous zones undermine the message of black lives matter.

After all, what exactly does the takeover of city blocks have to do with George Floyd?

The Western Journal confirms these failed attempted across the nation:

Inspired by the success of Seattle protesters in establishing what they have dubbed an “autonomous zone,” protesters elsewhere are trying to do the same, with far less success.

In Asheville, North Carolina, police showed up in force Friday night as protesters began putting up barricades, ending the idea before it could even take root.

According to the U.K. Daily Mail, activists said there were about 100 protesters involved in the Asheville “autonomous zone” effort.

And there were other efforts in different parts of the country.

In Portland, Oregon, protesters and police clashed Saturday before police won the round, according to the Portland Tribune. Headline: “Portland Autonomous Zone plans fizzle as protests continue.”

In Buffalo, protesters claimed they will camp out in Niagara Square, a downtown area, until the woman charged with driving an SUV into a crowd of police officers is set free from jail, according to WKBW-TV.

“We’re not going to go home, we’re not going to stay in comfort until Deyanna Davis is able to come home and heal and rest,” said Desmond Abrams, a member of the group Black Love Resists in the Rust, told the station.

Davis, 30, is accused of driving the vehicle that smashed through a group of law enforcement officers on June 1. In the incident, a state trooper suffered what was described as a “shattered pelvis and broken femur,” according to The Associated Press.


As the Seattle autonomous zone moves into its second week of existence, at least one organizer said too many people within it are there to party and not to protest.

“Somebody’s dead. Why do black bodies have to be in the street for people to have to show up?” Tracy Stewart, a mental health therapist who is black, told USA Today. “These people, I’m not even sure they know why they’re here.”

“White people need to stay in when it gets uncomfortable and stop treating this like it is a party,” she said. “The marching and the protesting, all of that is important. But the work is every day holding the mayor and the City Council and the Legislature and all the way up to the president accountable.”

While left wing mayors and governors appear to bow to the mob by allowing such autonomous zones to take root, red states are quickly shutting things down peacefully.

Indeed, when there is a power vacuum, something will try to fill that void.

This is why it's critical to support the police so that they can help maintain law and order!

Though the attempt in Asheville, North Carolina was short-lived, there are rumors that far-left radicals may make a second attempt.

The other highly publicized attempt happened in Nashville, TN.

The Daily Mail confirms that Governor Bill Lee cracked down immediately:

Demonstrators in Nashville, Tennessee and Asheville, North Carolina have attempted to emulate protesters in Seattle by establishing police-free 'autonomous zones' protected by barricades, as police union officials in Seattle warn that their city is on the verge of 'lawlessness'.

The efforts in Tennessee and North Carolina were met with a strong response from local authorities, in contrast to Seattle where demonstrators in the 'CHAZ' have taken control of a police precinct and remain manning the barricades armed after five days.

In Asheville, activists say that about 100 people gathered Friday night on Lexington Avenue under the Interstate 280 overpass, where they attempted to block the street with barricades and take control of the area.

Police responded in force and tore down the barricades, video from the scene shows. Demonstrators issued a cry for reinforcements on social media and vowed to return on Saturday.

'People are needed now! Please share this if you can't be here. Supplies also needed,' one organizer posted on Twitter.

In Nashville, a group of protesters converged on the Legislative Plaza on Friday, announcing plans to seize the area in front of the Tennessee statehouse as an 'autonomous zone.'

The demonstrators declared that the plaza would be re-named Ida B. Wells Plaza, after the early civil rights leader. Video from the scene showed the demonstrators chanting and singing on the plaza late into the night, apparently left to their own devices by law enforcement.

However, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee, a Republican, warned protesters in his state against trying to seize territory.

'Lawlessness, autonomous zones, and violence will not be tolerated,' Lee said in a statement. 'Further, Tennessee law expressly prohibits camping on state property not expressly designated as a campground area, and that law will be enforced.'

Lee added that he supports the right to peaceful assembly and peaceful protest under the First Amendment, and would continue to protect those rights.

While the chorus grows louder to defund the police, it is clearer than ever that we must DEFEND the police!

Without a clear authority figure, radicals are able to create places like CHAZ in Seattle. 

Strong leadership is necessary to maintain law and order.

And that is the contrast that President Trump is able to set against Sleepy Joe!


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