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Residents Trapped in CHAZ Claim They Are Very Scared, Losing Their Rights

Seattle man speaks out on the terror and chaos going on in "autonomous zone."


Mayor Jenny is calling this the summer of love. 

For residents trapped in the “autonomous” CHAZ zone in Capitol Hill, it is quickly the becoming the summer from hell. 

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Caller, a resident going by Brandon, who lives on the border of CHAZ, expresses the constant fear he now lives in:

“I’m scared,” Brandon said. “I’ve been scared every day since Sunday, and I haven’t gotten a lot of sleep. For the first time in my life in Capitol Hill, I hear gunshots every single night. I’ve heard people screaming every single night outside. And they’re not protest screams … I’ve also heard screams of terror out there, and I don’t know what’s happening out there.”

Brandon tells the tale of armed men guarding the barricades. 

Demonic 666 graffiti. 

And fruitless attempts to contact governor Inslee of Washington and plead for help. 

Compare Brandon’s distraught interview with flower child Mayor Jenny speaking to CNN’s Chris Cuomo:

Dixie Cups, anybody?

But what’s a block party without violence?

Or robbery?

Seattle is burning!

In an interview with Seattle public radio, KUOW, an armed CHAZ gaurd also contradicts City Hall's flower power narrative:

“Another guard, carrying an AR-15 along with a pistol, notes recent right-wing protests in Olympia.

"You notice that all the white protesters that showed up to capitol buildings armed, police didn't fuck with them because they showed up and they show that they weren't fucking around," he says. "So we show up the same. We show we're not fucking around anymore -- then look, they leave."

In a  piece by Forbes, Raz Simone, a man called the "Warlord of Chaz," further justified the armed presence:

Simone said that the barriers and displays of weaponry are necessary—in light of the circumstances. He contends, “A man just ran over protestors, hopped out and shot one of our young black men. This is the fifth time I’ve witnessed this. Today, I will be buying barricades to protect us protestors 24/7 from threats of this nature.” It has been reported that the armed driver is the brother of a cop.

SImone denies being the leader of CHAZ. 

He also ignores the suffering of those who have had this new "territory" imposed on them. 

There is no peace in CHAZ, only fanatics and freeloaders holding law abiding citizens like Brandon hostage. 


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