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Far-Left CHAZ Mocked Online For Constructing “Border Wall”


The irony of this is almost too much to believe.

If someone wrote this into a Hollywood script they'd be laughed out of the room for not being believable. 

Do you remember the first 2 years of Trump's Presidency when every single day was a fight against the Far-Left over the Border Wall?

A border wall is not effective, they said.

A border wall is racist, they said.

A border wall is not necessary, they said.

Well, what happens when the Far-Left takes over a city and renames it the CHAZ, short for the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone?

What's the first thing they do?

They construct a border wall. 

Absolutely incredible, I'm still trying to pick my jaw up off the floor.  

Why the border fellas?  (and ladies)

Check this out:

But don't take my word for it.

Here's an AP reporter live on the scene, walking you up to see the CHAZ Border Wall.

Take a look:

It's happening in Portland too:

Here's Fox News and Sean Hannity mocking them mercilessly:

Sean Hannity opened Friday night's edition of "Hannity" by noting that the actions taken by denizens of Seattle's "Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone" directly contradict the principles and positions liberals consistently champion in public.

"In this little slice of socialist heaven, all police have been kicked out and the local police precinct was totally abandoned by city officials and subsequently taken over by the so-called peaceful demonstrators," Hannity said, "which is putting everyone inside the autonomous zone at risk."

Rep. Heck on Seattle autonomous zone: They are peacefully protesting something long overdue to be protestedVideo
"[A]rmed vigilantes, checkpoints and vandalism, the host continued. "And, of course, a community garden. The police are not invited. What do they call that? I thought that was discrimination.

"They even built a border wall," Hannity pointed out. "[They have] tough on immigration policies. That sounds like discrimination against law enforcement to me. I thought liberals were against these things and believed in inclusiveness and diversity and open borders."

Hannity then bashed Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan, describing her as "either too stupid or too incompetent to care" about the situation.

"She's actually letting the anarchists take over and control and even destroy her city," he said, adding that Durkan showed a lack of understanding of the law when she claimed President Trump doesn't have the constitutional authority to intervene in the matter.

"My unsolicited humble advice is this: OK, if she doesn't want help, [she] and her Democratic governor, the ever incompetent Inslee, both of them will be fully responsible for the demise of this city and this state," said Hannity.

"I hope and pray it doesn't' become that bad," he added, "because then the president will have to get involved."

But that's not all, watch them deport a Mexican from CHAZ. 👇

No, seriously, I'm not making this up.


Not stopping there, they've also set up Segregated Gardens:

These anarchists get control of 6 city blocks for a couple days and the very first things they do are all the things they've been (falsely) attacking Republicans over?

You couldn't write this script if you tried.

Good thing real life is stranger than fiction, at least in this case.

Love to hear what you think, sound off below....


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