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Middle School Social Studies Teacher Derrick Garforth Arrested for Vandalizing Christopher Columbus Statue


A Pawtucket teacher and two women have been arrested and charged with vandalizing a Christopher Columbus statue in Providence, Rhode Island.

One of the suspects, Derrick Garforth, is a middle school social studies teacher.

That's exactly right… someone who thought it was appropriate to destroy a statue of Christopher Columbus is teaching social studies and history to middle school students.

No wonder conservatives are so worried about "liberal indoctrination" in school systems!

It has been reported that Garforth is on administrative leave pending a thorough investigation.

More details on this developing story below:

Far left radicals have been accused of re-writing American history.

Christopher Columbus is a celebrated figure and credited with bringing western ideals to the new world and thereby paving the way to the greatest nation on earth.

Local WPRI Eyewitness News confirms Derrick Garforth's arrest:

Three people were arrested early Saturday morning for vandalizing the Christopher Columbus statue in Providence.

One of the suspects arrested, Derrick Garforth, is listed on the website for Jenks Middle School in Pawtucket as a social studies teacher. Pawtucket Superintendent Cheryl McWilliams told WPRI 12 on Saturday afternoon that Garforth is out on leave pending an investigation.

“I have just learned about this and the Pawtucket School Department is investigating it,” McWilliams said in an email.

Late Friday night, police said they were monitoring the area of Reservoir at Elmwood Avenue, near the statue of Christopher Columbus, due to information that developed earlier in the evening. The statue itself had recently been boarded up and fenced in due to the possibility of vandals defacing or destroying it.

Just before 1:30 a.m. Saturday, officers said they noticed a vehicle with three people inside, driving around the area with its lights off.

About 10 minutes later, officers said they then saw a man and a woman running towards Columbus Square, carrying something in their hands. When the suspects got closer, they threw the objects toward the area of the statue then ran from the scene, according to police.

White paint could be seen on the boards covering the statue on Saturday.

Officers followed the suspects and were able to stop them on Ontario St. They were later identified as Derrick Garforth, 34, and Charlotte Whittingham, 28.

The officers said they also saw the car the suspects were believed to be in driving slowly on Ontario Street toward Melrose Street.

Though the far left has been trying to tear down monuments of Christopher Columbus in multiple cities, polling suggests that the majority of American citizens still respect Christopher Columbus.

Derrick Garforth and the two women have been charged with desecration of a grave monument and conspiracy.

Rasmussen's most recent polling on Christopher Columbus in October 2019 suggests that year-over-year support for Columbus has remained stable in the country:

Christopher Columbus is still hanging in there. Most Americans still favor a national holiday – celebrated today this year – for the man generally credited with “discovering” America.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey shows that 56% of American Adults believe America should continue to honor Columbus with a national holiday. That’s down only slightly from 58% in 2017, the highest finding in surveys over the past 10 years. Just 26% oppose a national holiday for Columbus, while 18% are undecided. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Many conservative observers worry, however, that various radicals may attempt to exploit the Black Lives Matter movement to re-write American history.

Since the death of George Floyd, national and historical monuments have been vandalized, defaced, or toppled.

It's important that we acknowledge our shared history so that we can unite together as Americans and continue to grow and prosper as the greatest nation on earth.


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