Don Lemon: How Can You Not Be Racist If You Grew Up In America?

Don Lemon: How Can You Not Be Racist If You Grew Up In America?

Don Lemon once again takes the opportunity to stereotype all Americans.

Colorblind Don Lemon is back at it again.

Our friends at Fox News were kind enough to report Lemon’s newest generalization of White Americans:

CNN anchor Don Lemon mused Friday whether it’s possible for people raised in America to not be racist, or at least have “blindspots” — likening U.S. citizens to flowers planted in tainted soil.

  “Every year, I have hydrangeas in my yard and they come back a different color, or a tulip or an orchid. And it’s not because they’re different, it’s because the soil is different, right?” Lemon said on “New Day.”

“It depends on the nutrients in the soil. So if you grew up in America, you came out of American soil. Considering the history of this country … how can you not be racist? How can you not have racial blindspots, how can you not see that the factory reset in America is whiteness?

Listen, white people are so scared right now to do anything, to talk about anything, to broach these conversations. They’re sort of frozen because who wants to be called a racist, right? Who wants people to think that they have a racial blindspot?” 

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So Lemon’s hydrangeas come out different every year because his soil changes. 

And America, a country constantly changing and being shaped by the world, is our soil. 

But in America, all white people come out the same (racists) because the soil.

But his flowers can transform into entirely different plants because…THE SOIL??

Or my personal favorite...

Thank you, Mr, President. 

Lemon also has a new term for those who disagree with his agenda, The Washington Examiner details:

President Trump, White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow, and others who deny systemic racism engage in "white mansplaining." 

"I call it 'white mansplaining.' You know how you do mansplaining to women? This is white mansplaining the injustices that people they have no idea about are facing. That’s all it is," Lemon said. "The very simple thing is, if you really want to understand racism in America, just think about your phone. Right? Or your car or your computer. When you — the factory reset in America is whiteness, is two cars, the American Dream, which was built on what? On whiteness." As CNN transitioned its prime-time lineup from host Chris Cuomo to Lemon, Lemon asserted

In Lemons America, White Americans are born racists, die racists, and are incapable of curing their illness without the help of your local social justice warrior. 

Of course, this is not the first time.

Here’s The Federalist back in 2018:

CNN’s Don Lemon called for Americans to stop demonizing any one group of people on Monday, before immediately saying that white men are terrorists.

In an exchange with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Lemon said most white men in America are “radicalized” to the right and lamented that there is no ban on them.

“We have to stop demonizing people and realize the biggest terror threat in this country is white men, most of them radicalized to the right,” he said. “We have to start doing something about them. There is no travel ban on them. There is no white guy ban. So what do we do about that?”

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What can we do, Don? We certainly can’t practice what we preach right??

Thank you, Mr. President. 

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