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Michigan Supreme Court Sides with Barber Over Whitmer in 7-0 UNANIMOUS Decision


77-year-old barber just scored an incredible victory against Michigan Governor Whitmer.

In a unanimous 7-0 ruling, the court shot down Whitmer's attempt to fine the barber and revoke his license for opening his barber shop.

Governor Whitmer's draconian orders has labeled countless businesses, including salons and barber shops, as non-essential.

Even as countless states across the country are reopening, many Michigan businessmen and women have been unable to return to work.

This has created an economic crisis where every day people cannot pay their bills or put food on the table.

Karl Manke, the 77-year-old barber, refused to obey Whitmer's orders.

He wasn't doing so to protest or to be disobedient, but so that he could provide for himself and continue to survive.

Whitmer and Michigan's Attorney General attempted to shut him down for good and revoke his license, but the state Supreme Court has granted Manke a HUGE victory.

More details below:

Part of Whitmer's apparent hypocrisy is that she is announcing that barber shops will be able to reopen on June 15.

But because Manke is operating just a few days early to be able to make a living for himself, he apparently is "endangering" the entire state.

Michigan Live has more details on the unaminous ruling against Whitmer:

The Michigan Supreme Court sided with Owosso barber Karl Manke’s appeal to invalidate a state Court of Appeals decision.

A Friday, June 5 order by the Michigan State Court ruled to vacate the Court of Appeals decision that ordered Shiawassee County Circuit Court Judge Matthew A. Stewart to issue a preliminary injunction to shut down Manke’s shop.

The case has been remanded to the Court of Appeals for additional consideration.

The issue came to a boil between Manke and the state Department of Health and Human Services after the 77-year-old reopened his shop May 4 in the face of an executive order by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer that ordered barber shops and salon to close over COVID-19 concerns.

In the order, Justice David F. Viviano states, in part, “It is incumbent on the courts to ensure decisions are made according to the rule of law, not hysteria.”

“Here, in addition to entering an order whose validity is highly suspect, the Court of Appeals majority took the extraordinary step of directing the trial court to take immediate action despite the fact that an application for leave had already been filed in our Court,” said Viviano.

David A. Kallman, Manke’s attorney, said they are “ecstatic” about the order.

“We feel our legal arguments have been vindicated by the court’s ruling,” he told MLive-The Flint Journal Friday evening. “This has a big impact on the hearing that was set for next Thursday.”

The state Attorney General’s Office filed a motion this week to find Manke in contempt of court after he continue to cut hair following the Court of Appeals ruling.

“That’s how vindictive they are against Karl,” said Kallman.

The motion asks for thousands of dollars in fines each day against Manke if he continued to operate.

Governor Whitmer is the poster child for over-reaching liberal governors. 

She would rather fine Manke $1,000 a day rather than allow him to earn a living and provide for himself in peace.

The scariest part?

There are rumors that Governor Whitmer is being considered as Joe Biden's potential running mate.

Whitmer came under fire for insulting hair stylists and barbers.

She appeared to suggest that people at home should "Google" how to cut their hair rather than go to a professional.

There was so much backlash that the governor was forced to apologize.

Detroit News has more details on Whitmer's backtracking:

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer apologized Thursday to hair stylists and barbers for comments she made Monday suggesting people could “Google” how to cut their hair in the midst of a continued prohibition on haircuts.

In an interview with Mojo in the Morning, Whitmer said it was an “offhand comment” and not meant as an insult to the profession.

“I didn't mean to offend people who are in the profession,” the governor said. “I think that it's important, I think that it is licensed for a reason. These are professionals who take it seriously and intimately interact with the public, and that's why we have to take this very seriously about how we proceed to keep people safe.

“...So if my comment offended anyone, I apologize for that,” she said.

Whitmer’s apology came three days after the governor announced Monday the lifting of her stay-at-home order for most businesses, but excluded services such as hair salons, barbers, fitness centers and cinemas.

When asked Monday about residents traveling to Ohio for hair and spa services, Whitmer suggested people “Google how to do a haircut or throw your hair in a ponytail or curl it” over the next couple of weeks before Michigan's hair-cutting services are restored.

Her comments riled salon owners and barbers, who noted the extensive training they are required by the state to receive to be licensed. Owosso barber Karl Manke has been the highest-profile hair cutter in the state since he defied Whitmer's ban and continues to cut hair despite a court order demanding the immediate closing of his shop.

The barbers and salon owners also observed that someone could get their teeth cleaned or their dog groomed but couldn’t get a haircut.

“To make matters worse, while keeping us closed, Gov. Whitmer chose to disrespect Michigan’s highly trained licensed cosmetologists by saying that people can simply Google how to do a haircut,” Mike Sarafa of the Safe Salons for Michigan coalition said in a Tuesday statement. “This statement was an insult to the well-trained and education professionals who have spent years honing their abilities and we believe the governor owes them an apology.”  

We are glad that the Michigan Supreme Court has sided with Manke!

It's time for liberal governors to learn that there are limits to their power!

They do not have the right to force people to stay locked up in their homes indefinitely, especially when they make excuses for rioters and looters in the streets.

It's time to restore trust in law abiding American citizens!


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